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A quarter of all the women in Sweden will be raped by immigrants from third world Muslim countries, yet the country has a news blackout not warning the women of the danger. Why?

04 November 2015 14:22

‘Don’t hold your breath’, says academic about to reveal new research on the topic A new study on women in broadcasting will show the continuing dominance of men in news output on TV and radio as both interviewers and interviewees. According to a previous research conducted by Professor Lis Howell of City University London, four male experts appeared on UK news bulletins for every woman.

23 November 2015 10:07

Study of gender balance of guests booked by broadcasters finds overall improvement over last year, but calls ITV’s fall in use of women ‘shocking’ Male experts still outnumber female experts on the main TV news bulletins by more than three to one, a study has found, despite a campaign to improve the number of women on screen.

25 November 2015 20:00

Subject: Fwd: [NetteRadio] Playlist 09.30.09, a beautiful heartwrenching Welcome to NetteRadio - bringing you the best in unsigned/​Indie Women's Music from around the world since 2001!

30 September 2009 07:53

Welcome to NetteRadio - bringing you the best in unsigned/​Indie Women's Music from around the world since 2001! From piano to punk, from harp to hip-hop we play it all!

09 September 2009 16:18

Heh heh heh. You brought back memories. The first time I ever experienced Ikea I went through the same realisation and horror.

02 December 2008 17:41

Wow! There's me using my award winning coderer and grahicerer skills to change the face of Anorak Nation forever and it all kicks off!

20 May 2009 16:08

This is important read, save St George save England. After many cities not wanting to offend other cultures by putting up Xmas lights. .....After hearing that the Birmingham council changed its...

30 October 2006 06:08

Why do those cowardly wearing masks to hide their faces when they try to blind police horses, object to women wearing burkas? 

06 November 2015 10:43

That was one of the worries I had too, but it didn't seem to be a problem for me or the other men.

17 December 2009 22:06

*/​_Apple Computer - Innovation _/​* Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play high fidelity music in women's breast implants.

08 October 2009 10:28

"There will be no whitewash in the White House." I think there are issues with people speaking out against or about those who currently employ them, but that could fairly cover people like my maid...

17 June 2009 12:41

Just what is all this 279 stuff? Christopher England compiles the facts and ignores the speculation.

26 October 2006 03:10

: : And I can listen to the wonders of City Talk anywhere! Whoever set up the audio needs sacking; it sounds really tinny on FM, or perhaps they're trying to emulate the sound quality of the last...

13 February 2008 08:50

Interesting. Isn't it funny that 'that' is the biggest concern in these situations. It's not rational, but I suspect on the mind of every man present. I wonder what women worry about.

18 December 2009 15:41

All complaints to: www.independent.co.uk d-in-pirate-radio-9570462. html Jimmy Savile 's crimes are rooted in pirate radio John Peel was allowed to run a 'schoolgirl of the year' competition on his...

30 June 2014 17:19

ONLY UNTIL OCTOBER 21st!!!!! (according to Family Radio, who I think made over $80Million just by pushing this event - Why do people give their money to somebody who tells them it's the end of the...

22 May 2011 12:06

She's lying to you as all women do. Check her Facebook and see if she's a member of the "I want to have Clegg's babies" group. :)

05 May 2010 11:56

During my annual Alpine sojurn last week I read Steve Conway's excellent book 'Shiprocked'. I'd thoroughly recommend it (I couldn't put it down).

07 February 2010 19:47

I am in complete agreement with both of you's , the X factor is just scripted and managed by Mr Cowell, no originality, his "circus" of "stars" copying (badly) other peoples work.

22 November 2009 20:15

Yesterday I found myself sitting on Albert Square, Manchester. There was a giant pyramid tent there.

01 August 2009 17:20

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to vent my spleen on this matter. First let's wind back to the first Iraq war for such is all part and parcel of the greater middle east problem.

13 July 2009 15:08

Great humour Christopher ! We just dont know yet if these artificially produced sperms are up to the job.

10 July 2009 18:59

I've had an email from BBC iPlayer updates saying that all this series of Torchwood is still on the iPlayer. So don't worry Jackie, you have missed anything. Were there any naked women as well a men?

09 July 2009 19:59

Eric Tesug <(Address removed)> said: One of the wealthiest women in the world is your monarch. How did she get to be so rich ? Who voted for her ?

02 December 2008 21:10

If you read other books about the BBC or interviews by ex-staff this atmosphere seems to have been prevalent way before offshore radio existed of the British coast.

01 July 2014 11:33

If you read other books about the BBC or interviews by ex-staff this atmosphere seems to have been prevalent way before offshore radio existed of the British coast.

01 July 2014 11:33

Source: the official IOMIB website, July 2006: "Of prime interest are shoppers who make or heavily influence purchases of cars, holidays and most FMCGs and are consequently a sought–after target...

18 October 2006 22:55

Being an anorak you will not have failed to have noticed the slightly weird collection of TV adverts where they pretend they are a radio station.

20 June 2010 14:52

A third of young people regularly access Facebook and Twitter via their mobile, a new report has found.

14 July 2009 16:02

When Radio 1's Jo Whiley and Edith Bowman were axed from daytime Radio 1, the announcement came some month or so before they went. They were allowed to talk about their pending leaving.

18 September 2009 15:30

Sorry Paul for the delay. All the information is all in the public remit - it's taken from The Times, The Daily Telegraph, British Warships & Auxiliaries, The RAF Yearbook, Air Mail, Aircraft...

16 July 2009 09:42

First of all she is not my monarch, she is the head of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

02 December 2008 15:47

 Yes, I'm very conscious of what could have followed after the liberation of the concentration camps.

11 May 2008 18:36

I may have mentioned this in public before, but if not here goes. In order to listen to random radio stations and get a gist of what they do, I have a bath.

12 January 2010 14:12

Trouble with Moore he thinks he owns the name because he calls his station Radio Caroline, it belongs to Ronan and not Moore or anyone else.

01 February 2008 16:10

ALL CAR OWNERS AND CAR DRIVERS PLEASE READ Be aware of new car-jacking scheme. You walk across the car park, unlock your car and get inside.

16 December 2007 16:51

I would argue the "heyday" of offshore radio was 1964 - 1967, maybe March 1968. I accept there was RNI and Laser 558, but I don't think they had quite the impact of the original stations.

31 July 2007 21:51

(Published elsewhere including the incredible www.christopherengland.com and reproduced here for discussion if you wanna.)

28 October 2009 21:19

the Catholic Church, Are you suggesting that you know better than the mighty catholic church, and that women who live on their own are NOT witches ?

20 May 2009 19:54

I guess the god I don't believe in is the one that allows people with a particular set of barking religious beliefs to stone a 13 year old girl to death in Somalia for adultery, because she had the...

14 January 2009 14:55

Stephen Sullivan <(Address removed)> said: "our far from perfect democracy" "As much as we don't like it we need to win the hearts and minds of the world", "Man broke this rule and changed...

02 December 2008 12:52

I'd disagree. I mean, as a percentage of the output of Radio 2 how much of it is in bad taste? At least Radio 2 doesn't tell people how to vote, like the RNI/​Caroline of 1970 did.

31 October 2008 13:18

I didn't know that. Why didn't I know that? I usually know stuff. But, Orange's 2G network is technically brilliant and superior to the others, so that must make using 3 a lovely experience all round.

28 July 2009 21:57

Quoting a previous Mark Stafford contribution:- Don't do that, or I'll start rumours about how you like to dress up in women's clothes.

17 October 2007 18:41

Could be a combination of both. I find it much more difficult to navigate around the new site, I can no longer tell who wrote what (mainly because folk leave all the text from previous posts in...

18 November 2006 21:11

I agree with him. My Twitter usage is restricted to news and information feeds, say from the BBC, etc. As in, using Twitter as a quick converter of RSS feeds into free texts.

09 August 2008 19:40

Quoting a previous tesug contribution:- Better late than never. Missed me? I was away locked in a room sorting out stuff in order to successfully buy GCap.

03 April 2008 21:56

Aha. Housework. That's women's work that is. Do you know I found a man t'other day who enjoyed doing housework! I had to have him killed to put him out of his misery.

17 December 2009 18:09

Strangely, I only saw him a few weeks ago up here in t' Norf. Anyway. Nicely written posting by Peter Moore there. I like his writings, as I've always said.

23 November 2009 18:38