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The winners of The 2007 ISPAs - the 9th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards in association with Epitiro - were announced at a gala dinner at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square on the 15th...

16 February 2007 14:13

The winners for the 2015 Radio Productions Awards have been announced, with Absolute Radio breakfast show team winning two awards....

24 November 2015 21:49

The Sun, Mirror and Metro are biggest winners on most lucrative weekday of the year for national titles, helping to shore up declining cover sales You may already be sick of the name, but Black Friday has helped buoy declining newspaper advertising departments to the tune of nearly £5m, becoming by some distance the biggest weekday ad take of the year. Advertisers spent almost 80% more than on a typical Friday, with the Sun, Daily Mirror and freesheet Metro the biggest winners.

27 November 2015 17:31

Survey suggests economic recovery could be headed for the high street Over half of IT retailers found Christmas more profitable in 2009 than the year before, according to a survey commissioned by PCR.

10 February 2010 15:25

In article <C0993BA249B94667B1D2BCF1F0021CF4@video2>, (Address removed) (Alan Milewczyk) wrote: Hi Alan

26 May 2008 16:52

[size=18]BIG L’s 12 TUNES OF CHRISTMAS! COMPETITION UPDATE 05.12.08[/​size] Hi, just to update you all,

04 December 2008 12:10

 I first latched onto Eurovision in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti's beautiful winner "Non Ho L'Eta" and was a big fan of the European sound from then on until about the end of the 70s/​early 80s.

26 May 2008 15:34

HELLO SUPPORTERS OF BIG L It’s been a very long time since I posted you some news about Big L.

03 April 2009 01:14

HELLO SUPPORTERS OF BIG L It’s been a very long time since I posted you some news about Big L.

03 April 2009 01:12

Betcha they gross far much more than any of the actual singers from this year's troupe. They are an entertainment act that will work on both TV and arena and will gain a cult following.

23 November 2009 17:38

Really? What about Susan Boyle? Or Michelle McManus? But I do take your point, the lookers generally stand a better chance.

03 May 2010 17:43

My response on the blog was as follows: "You say "Islam is a complete system and way of life. It is the only way..."

20 April 2010 12:18

For 3 solid months up to and including every bloody Christmas the charts are taken over and controlled by the X Factor and Simon Cowell.

22 November 2009 16:03

Hi, just to update you all, The closing date for our 'BIG L 12 Fave Christmas tunes" competition is midnight UK this coming Sunday December 7th. For your entry's.

03 December 2008 02:01

Hi Tim et all So we'll walk into an ad agency, one with a local AM license and one with a DAB local ticket? Who's the winner?

24 September 2014 12:34

I don't think there was a winner in that argument/​interview really. They were both arguing their corner.

24 March 2012 18:20

I don’t think there was a winner or loser of this debate. However as Simon quoted it did get a bit heated.

24 March 2012 16:32

GMG's Real Radio Yorkshire takes two top prizes for a news special.

21 June 2011 03:15

Angela Barnes takes top prize in station's search for a new star.

20 June 2011 10:15

Click here to watch full exclusive coverage of the RPAs

13 June 2011 19:00

Station's Rock N Roll Football promotion wins Mobile Marketing prize.

07 June 2011 12:18

I don't remember a Eurovision song from any country , loosers or winners getting into the UK top ten for many years now.

01 June 2010 09:58

It definately feels different this time. Previous general elections for as long as i have been voting have had a large degree of predictability to them. This time , it's hard to predict for sure.

03 May 2010 10:33

Actually I'm going switch positions and say the hottest place for broad/​narrow/​micro-casting is over the internet on www.audioboo.fm - special thanks must go to RTI man Eric for putting me on to...

24 February 2010 20:14

So, this time next year it'll be Vernon Kay on Radio 1 battling with Chris Evans on Radio 2. I suspect Evans will remain the hands down winner.

07 September 2009 09:31

Been testing the water with non-Anoraks about the Boat That Rocked. Seems the PR and ads are working, could be a winner.

17 March 2009 22:48

Who the hell gives a monkeys, it wasn't mentioned that she tried to get on the farce three years previous, but we all know it is a big fat fix and that Simon Cowell is always the winner.

21 December 2008 23:33

Good luck to Graham Norton with this but sadly i am with Terry Wogan on this one.The Eurovision song contest is so obviously purely political these days.

05 December 2008 19:06

Now, this is worth the £1.50 it costs to enter the competition! Winner gets all.

05 November 2008 14:21

Now I'm torn, after a week of trying FF3 I'm still not sure. The latest rev of IE is nice, but both seem to be winners in certain ways.

30 June 2008 11:14

I do think we have a little more choice than we used to, with internet streams, DAB,DRB and satellite, not too mention Digital TV radio.

05 April 2008 12:44

After my disastrous attempt with the paddling pools full of Cuban Sea Water, I have decided to go for aerial pirate radio, a balloon, using helium, no stick with me.

01 April 2008 14:58

In article <(Address removed)>, (Address removed) (Christopher England) wrote:

05 October 2007 09:25

Quoting a previous Gash McGash contribution:- Now, in the days of Talk Radio UK, you could always tell the fake callers.

04 October 2007 19:20

Anyone who has worked in radio is surely sniggering at all of this rumpus about fake callers.

02 October 2007 18:46

:: From: Arthur Sutherland (Address removed) :: Seriously Eric, :: Never mind the petty rules, what's the prize? :: an unpaid slot on RTI perhaps???

14 April 2007 08:58

 LOL, I know we have scrapped like cat and dog at times, but it's largely been centred on our differing opinions of content, whether audiences (in particular the 50+ group) are being satisfied...

15 July 2009 21:38

In article <01ee01c713a1$b601eb70$2091d152@malmoe>, (Address removed) (Roy) wrote:

29 November 2006 12:06

Almost a million UK homes will need to have filters installed to prevent TV interference from 4G mobile signals - at a cost of £108m.

25 February 2012 09:42

- LOL. Thanks Steve for putting me right on that. I really do not remember seeing last years winner on the chart so it got under my radar.

01 June 2010 12:58

Only listened now and then, still can't stomach the thought of listening to the Light Programme LOL. That said, the segments I have from Chris Evans work for my ear although not as Eric listening.

13 May 2010 14:11

Doctor Who wins best sci-fi TV theme tune of all time! British science fiction drama Doctor Who has been declared the winner of a poll conducted by leading sci-fi website Totalscifionline.com to...

20 April 2009 09:44

Slough, Berkshire, 22 August 2011 -- LG Electronics (LG) today announced the latest addition to the LG Optimus smartphone series: the LG Optimus Sol (LG-E730).

22 August 2011 11:24

Quoting a previous Paul Kendall contribution:- Well, they were revealed a while ago as part of the BBC cleansing and whipping themselves with birch twigs in public, and then there was a silence,...

26 January 2008 14:38

It has been announced by the BBC that one programme of the Jo Whiley show in April 2006 (pre-recorded) a member of staff posed as a competition winner.

02 October 2007 18:02

The rules are not petty Arthur, they are very serious. One of our previous winners went on work in the business, another got a job in the UK after they worked at some big concerts as warm up DJ.

14 April 2007 08:25

HDMI cables are much debated in the Audio Video world - those with "ears" tell you that a good cable makes a difference - those lesser mortals tell you that there can be no difference - due to the...

23 July 2009 09:22

Edited down a bit specifically for AN readers. ======================================================================== rtitop500.blogspot.com RTI Listeners decide what is played, daytimes, during...

15 February 2007 16:57

In article <072eb4630fd722a2f782b3f6b1471eb3@jiglu-wc>, 2@slewis.biz (Sterling Times) wrote:

27 August 2008 16:24

Not around here you can't. If you like the birdsong loop or 24 hour East Anglian Traffic News - you're onto a winner.

09 August 2008 13:33