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Only to counter the argument that they didn't. I can do a convincing proof of the existence of God if you'd prefer. ;-) But not improbable.

21 November 2009 21:13

Ofcom today published a second consultation on a proposal by the BBC to control how its high definition content - which will in the future be available on Freeview - can be copied.

22 January 2010 11:31

2010/​1/​22 Eric Wiltsher <(Address removed)>: In a word - no!

22 January 2010 15:13

 As far back as the Pilkington report on Broadcasting in 1962 - the Government was always going to pull the strings - it was never up to the BBC.

14 August 2009 15:59

I voted for the Blackberry, because of the push email, but I'd much rather have an early push email one, rather than the latest one.

30 June 2009 16:23

Why Should Licence Fee Payers Pay for BBC Mistakes? The news that Ofcom has fined the BBC £400,000 for deceiving listeners and viewers in a string of radio and television programmes is nonsensical...

31 July 2008 15:09

The Anorak Nation poll "You win a choice of one the following for free! Which do you pick?" has been closed. The results are:

24 July 2009 01:25

I remember sending a couple of my so-called "ideas" to Ronan and Jocelyn, back in the days of "Queen".

27 April 2009 10:08

But the BBC used dummy human heads with the microphones fitted in the ears. My father used to be very proud of his Edmundo Ros: Strings latino Phase 4 stereo .

31 December 2006 17:48

http:/​/​www.theregister.co.uk/​2008/​08/​14/​twitter_goes_silent/​ Twitter has stopped sending SMS updates to UK customers, thus leaving them unaware of the latest important updates on what their friends...

14 August 2008 14:59

>> However, were there more singing puppets and it became a contest of self-ridicule then I'd be back watching it and enjoying it. Like a Puppet On A String, ya mean? T.

27 May 2008 09:18

North Sea Radio Orchestra 1 JUNE 2007 - 2 JUN 2007 /​ FREEDM Studio Production Detail

01 May 2007 23:09

Quite correct Richard, though the odd times when the full 50KW were used from the Mi Amigo on 963KHz in the 70s were certainly the strongest.

07 October 2007 09:07

How long is a piece of string.... I work with Hi Definition telly which has 1080 lines but is only transmitted on HD sat and possibly cable.

25 June 2008 15:30

Over the past couple of days several quotes have been made on this site in regard to the current Radio Caroline.

12 October 2007 13:18

: Quoting a previous Steve Leyland contribution:- :: A few beers and a spliff or two never spoiled a radio show, but I'd :: imagine pills and powders would. : : Not sure that listeners to Rowland...

18 March 2007 18:51

I could ramble on about PTUK for ages, but had better not. Suffice to say that during the time it was on there were a few very good bits but far too much of it was very badly run.

19 August 2009 16:45

Quoting a previous David * contribution:- Or...! You could set-up and maintain a string of high power pirate FM transmitters giving blanket coverage throughout some major towns and cities - far...

10 May 2008 14:17

Relatively recent MD of Talk 107 Matt Allitt has apparently suddenly removed Mike Graham as Programme Director and also as presenter of the weekday 9 - 12 morning show.

10 March 2008 16:01

E low a/​ns Big Chris ear again. I forgot about our NUTS. Don't tell Badger (he never reads this anyway)that i think he is going Nuts for a screw on a piece of string.Do you think he has his screw...

22 December 2007 15:50

I think it is interesting to contemplate the subject of what radio should be doing in the present day.

15 July 2007 14:29

I think I've sussed it. Years ago when people got really old and near death they were a lot simpler and there was less free-thinking about so suddenly they would start to evangelise about a...

11 July 2009 10:52

Good lad! Nice to see the pirate spirit lives on in one so young :) So hurry up and get this show to me - it'll be on air Sunday morning 9am - 10am before Jackie Frost.

27 November 2009 03:52

cars,.......Imagine a world where you could walk safely down the street or travel safely on public transport late at night, free from the fear of attack or mugging<<<

29 April 2009 01:03

Hello, Andy Burnham /​ Andy Parka /​ Joss Stick signing back in on the new system.

21 November 2006 01:28

Yes, a normal kite would not be able to fly nearly high enough as the air is too thin and so will not support it at very high altitude and gravity would make the string sag.

14 July 2010 22:29

Ronnie Rodent - The Mouse Mouse About Your House <(Address removed)> said:

21 October 2009 22:22

Dance music became enormously popular during the 1920s. Night clubs were frequented by large numbers of people at which a form of jazz, which was characterized by fancy orchestras with strings...

17 June 2008 10:04

I sincerely hope your Chairman has some strings or ropes to pull on too, I know you've all worked hard to make the station a success in Slovakia, it's just a bloody shame when politicians and...

08 June 2008 17:44

Just another string to the bow of anti-English across Europe. I can't see how a regulator just changes their mind after you have had an English language service for what? over 4-5 years?

07 June 2008 13:13

I would not keep any of the five networks as such, but have the two new stations supply programmes that reflect the best of there current five station network.

25 April 2008 12:28

It won't work then, will it? The string has to not be touching anything in order to communicate between the two cans. See what you facts you miss by messing around at school?!

30 June 2009 17:16

Quoting a previous Neil Gates contribution:- I recently got sent a copy of a report quoting my news service of the time, from somebody who thought I should reprint it.

16 October 2007 00:27

There's push email on the N97 (and on my very old and tatty N95), and I think on the Hero. Wouldn't the location of the originating, er, 'can' be kinda given away by the string?

30 June 2009 16:55
30 June 2009 16:56

In article <2f112d4e4d73ebe32cf85f109b2c6c47@jiglu-wc>, (Address removed) (Jay BS) wrote: Hi John

06 May 2009 20:46