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Survey suggests economic recovery could be headed for the high street Over half of IT retailers found Christmas more profitable in 2009 than the year before, according to a survey commissioned by PCR.

10 February 2010 15:25

Ah, but it does. You should try it. An ordinary non-anorak listener needs to be invited to make contact for a purpose. Think of a radio station's output being a bit like a shop window.

06 December 2009 17:05

Quoting a previous Alex Jenkins contribution:- I also find it an eye-opener to track and trace (where possible) the 'source' of a story.

11 May 2008 15:36

Until just over a week ago , i was also the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3., having declared previously that when the S4 launched , it looks just the same as the S3 , and the differences are...

30 June 2013 09:19

Printing out photographs, using public telephones and recording television shows on VHS are other activities which are dying out because of digital advancements.

12 December 2011 19:56

Quoting a previous Alan Milewczyk contribution:- Would it not be fair to say that it is always the latest 'incoming' immigrants that suffer?

31 October 2006 00:36

Interesting to note that the radio station a lot of the stores inside St John's market in Liverpool have on loud and proud isn't anything originating from the iconic tower above the market (Radio...

15 November 2009 15:52

Quoting a previous Steve Martin contribution:- I'd have to learn the language first, or work with a translator, 'cos there's no way you guys would understand us Southerners.

13 June 2007 01:17

It's all pure speculation of course Eric and I couldn't say it would definately have been a success, but, there were times whilst R 10 Gold and Arrow were on 675 when you couldn't go anywhere in...

06 August 2008 09:37

Apologies for the slowness in replying. I've been Florence Nightingale this week in a world where everybody but I has had swine-flu and I've had to travel miles (sorry, that should be 'kilometres')...

22 January 2011 14:39

In article <698f47ca6b57e694c465be3e3453773e@jiglu-wc>, (Address removed) (Christopher England) wrote:

13 October 2008 09:32

You calling Jackie a token woman. Does this mean she's not a real woman? I think we should be told!

18 August 2009 18:33

I've just returned from my first trip to Planet England (well, Birmingham to be exact) in just over 3 years.

25 October 2008 13:59

I too live in the South East and in recent times have noticed that I get less signal than I ever did before. I'm currently with Orange and there is a pole opposite my shop.

04 August 2012 13:43

A good way to save money and maintain the police force at the same time would be to shoot the looters.

09 August 2011 19:26

Saddened and almost ashamed to be British at the moment. The fact that so many of the rioters are of school age raises some very uncomfortable questions for the society we have created.

09 August 2011 19:14

Much has been reported in the last few days about the near collapse of the Irish economy.

20 November 2010 10:30

It had been quite a while since i had last had a play with Google's Chrome web browser and have heard a lot of people shouting favourably about it.

30 August 2010 13:28

Two different parties contacted my company inquiring about leaflet deliveries in different areas of Sussex, but we are only a small company and had no one available to do it.

07 May 2010 09:25

radiotoday.co.uk Bye bye analogue radio in French shops.

23 March 2009 15:20

Good luck to Graham Norton with this but sadly i am with Terry Wogan on this one.The Eurovision song contest is so obviously purely political these days.

05 December 2008 19:06

Hi, I bought the Sony headphones and took them back to the shop,as they were not up to the standard of a friends Bose headphones that I tried.

24 July 2008 11:51

Well Chris i live about 4 miles away from Pontop Pike the local TV & Radio and loads of other users TX site.

18 May 2008 12:30
14 February 2008 12:41

DAB on ERTV - Put your questions to Roberts Radio's top brass Roberts Radio's CEO, Leslie Burrage, and product director, Gerry Thorn, will be giving an exclusive Video Talking Shop interview and...

08 February 2008 14:54

> From: (Address removed) > > I think we should get even more carbon emitting projects under way. I'm > considering urban deforestation.

08 January 2008 09:23

I've had a look at the Jellicoe, and not being a maritme expert I have my doubts about her, certainly she is cheap but looks like she needs a lot more work than the sellers are letting on.

26 November 2007 17:42

Laser certainly did have the impact and during its heyday in 84/​85, was regularly heard in cars and shops in the Derby area.

07 October 2007 12:26

There is speculation that CE may have been caught stealing a bottle of wine from a shop owned by PR, the man who caught him is being reported as one Dr Kabbary.

04 January 2007 11:56

The only method of payment for online music i have seen is always by Credit or debit card.

07 July 2009 15:26

Quoting a previous Jay BS contribution:- Fair comment, well made, BUT I'm not dissing Pete Price, just saying he's covering my airtime for a little bit too long.

10 April 2008 19:24

 On the subject of crap jobs - try mine - I deliver newspapers from a wholesalers to shops and individuals who organise paper rounds in a large market town in Lincolnshire.

11 September 2007 11:10

I didn't see it. I know there is definitely one Anfield resident that posts here.

03 October 2009 14:50

If I have a hatred it is because of the way radio stations, today, play ballads in the luve zone or other such silly places.

18 July 2009 17:47

 Once upon a time, when I worked on't wireless - creatively written and well produced commercials held the listener, in fact where I worked many listeners could sing the jingles, and knew some...

02 October 2008 09:23

 Bloomin 'eck. I could get to like the bloke - almost! I certainly agreed with the sentiments he expressed in the first video clip.

10 May 2008 18:22

The Radio Caroline entry in Wikipedia claims it was the B side of I've Got Your Troubles.

25 September 2007 13:38

My daughter (Manchester resident at the moment) said that last nights sunset was no different from any other in any noticeable way - today - its rather overcast apperently - so nothing much is...

16 April 2010 14:22

Ofcom today published a second consultation on a proposal by the BBC to control how its high definition content - which will in the future be available on Freeview - can be copied.

22 January 2010 11:31

No agreed it will take a while for all the shops and users to go. That doesn't detract from the fact that CD stores in the UK are not on the increase.

06 January 2010 08:54

RADIO CAROLINE THE LEGEND Seems 90% of stations will be from bedrooms in the future....no shame there this is the time of real free radio with technology changing so fast.

29 October 2007 10:47

I'm very sure that irrespective of power output, Laser 558 delivered the best medium wave signal.

07 October 2007 10:04

The Radio Caroline entry in Wikipedia claims it was the B side of I've Got Your Troubles.

25 September 2007 16:01

If you buck the trend in programme format and get an audience, you will secure advertising.

19 April 2007 10:09

In answer to your debate point. Some parents; 1. are on such a tight budget that having a computer is like teasing them like putting them in a sweet shop and saying you can't buy anything.

16 June 2009 12:52

On a serious note you could be describing an (extreme) "fan" of practically any football team.

17 April 2009 00:12

Yes. Yes. Meh. Or more fully, yes I've got a Blackberry, and use it. When I was in a tech support managerial role, it was exceedingly handy for being in touch all the time.

17 June 2008 07:01

Very strange! I even think large sections of this weirdness lasted into the 80's. I look back and think even the pubs shutting between 3-5pm, how weird is that? Even Sundays!

04 March 2008 00:50

I have just been listening again to the first Johnnie Walker show on Pirate BBC Essex,

25 September 2007 07:56

It is a curious fact that by far the vast majority of people only want to hear the same x hundred songs for the rest of their lives.

23 January 2011 17:41