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As usual, an excellent posting Mr Gloworm! There is an obsessively large amount of 'sex' in religion.

20 January 2009 18:48

When 3 people have sex, it's called a threesome. When 2 people have sex, it's called a twosome. Now I understand why they call you handsome.

12 November 2015 08:19

Many years ago, before land-based sensible attitudes to radio broadcasting were invented, people used boats as a vehicle to house studios and transmitters in order to become a radio station without...

02 December 2006 11:13

All complaints to: www.independent.co.uk d-in-pirate-radio-9570462. html Jimmy Savile 's crimes are rooted in pirate radio John Peel was allowed to run a 'schoolgirl of the year' competition on his...

30 June 2014 17:19

If you read other books about the BBC or interviews by ex-staff this atmosphere seems to have been prevalent way before offshore radio existed of the British coast.

01 July 2014 11:33

If you read other books about the BBC or interviews by ex-staff this atmosphere seems to have been prevalent way before offshore radio existed of the British coast.

01 July 2014 11:33

Quoting a previous Graham Jones contribution:- Didn't actually answer the question, did it? You get me? — * Christopher England just said that * I getya buddy!!!

11 November 2006 21:27

Promo for comedian’s show referring to sex acts and song containing explicit references aired after 9pm watershed during Friends and Two and a Half Men Comedy Central has fallen foul of the broadcasting regulator for running a trailer with crude and explicit sexual references for US sketch show Inside Amy Schumer.

23 November 2015 13:52

Despite my anorak credentials, I'm pretty much the same and my anorakness extends only slightly to TV.

06 March 2008 19:57

Hmmmm, I've really thought about this and have instantly come up with some USP's and Blinders for youth connecting with today's radio.

29 May 2008 13:37

Yes, and we used to do complex mathematics using slide rules and log tables. Why would I want to whip out my (extremely large and well proportioned) sliderule and squint to see different...

18 October 2009 15:46

Ok so two stations then: List 1: I think is possibly an Internet station . I don't think "Sex as a Weapon" by Pat Benatar is played on mainstream UK radio stations. Possibly Cruisin'531???

18 July 2009 20:24

No Sex Please we're young Brits. www.bbc.co.uk Well worth a read. Eric

24 June 2009 13:52


20 December 2008 20:41

 "Do You Wanna Touch Me" - Gary Glitter "I Want Your Sex" - George Michael "The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum" - Funboy 3 There must be hundreds more!

30 July 2009 12:53

One of the main things that all religion seems to try to control and regulate (apart from free-thinking) is sex and humanity's natural and perfectly normal approach to sex.

23 May 2009 13:37

Quoting a previous gloworm558 . contribution:- The formula has to be a simple one.

05 March 2008 22:56

 I'd never even heard of Gaunt, let alone heard him until this exchange. But I suppose the point I am making is this.

12 May 2009 13:45

Which deal are you thinking about? The Guinness sponsorship is probably worth a net in excess of 3Million of your Earth Pounds.

04 February 2010 19:55

The content of programmes is down to the broadcaster. OFCOM provide guidelines as to what is and what is not acceptable eg swearing, sex and also what's acceptable in terms of advertising and...

20 February 2008 12:33

1983 - an ICL mainframe when I was on 6 months work experience with ICL in Dublin.

28 October 2009 08:09

To summarise the two emails I posted. There's two different 30 minute sweeps, taken from morningish times, from two different days.

18 July 2009 13:11

Talking of bland playlisting, how's this for filling 30 minutes: Sex as a Weapon = Pat Benatar Waterfront = Simple Minds Control Myself = Maroon 5 Heartache Tonight = The Eagles It ain't over till...

17 July 2009 19:16

Another long article in today's Observer by Simon Garfield: The mid 1960s saw an extraordinary explosion of British pop music but the only radio stations broadcasting it were based on 'pirate'...

08 March 2009 12:24

There's nothing wrong with sex on a ship. It's all perfectly normal. It certainly doesn't cause rifts and divisions. :-)

27 March 2009 18:30

Well, I've been using them personally (the Google ones mainly) for around 4 years, and professionally for about 2, maybe 3.

13 October 2011 16:34

I wondered if Christian actually died. I mean, it could be he was shot, but recovers for the next series (I say hopefully as I really liked his character).

29 December 2009 16:50
24 December 2009 12:29

Maybe you should get a sex change and become an anorak and get a collapsible antenna. and replace your shaver with a wire-cutter

12 September 2009 18:19

In article <0b12c58df1e672fcdd5b57050e5004fb@jiglu-wc>, 2@slewis.biz (Sterling Times) wrote: Don't start me on that one :-)

12 May 2009 13:15


20 December 2008 20:51

Heh heh. If they banned people from being allowed to indoctrinate children into believing in religions, we'd wipe out the problem pretty soon.

29 November 2008 10:25

I am not defending them but the point is she was not raped. It takes two to tango and she dropped her draws at the drop of a hat knowing that it would just be casual sex with someone whose...

29 October 2008 17:10

Not really, but it does seem to have had its day. Interesting question. I think the old style concept of communities like those that appear here or (say) on Garry's forum or musicradionews or...

28 January 2010 17:28

Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Are you really comparing like with like? It is the duty of each new generation to not only piss off and not be understood by the previous one, but to rebel against them.

05 November 2009 16:21

I get bored very easily when it comes to ‘music radio‘. This causes me to seek out the cool and unusual to listen to, whilst the commercial radio sector refuses to provide ‘fun’ radio.

09 March 2014 13:06

Mad Men Sex, booze, fags (ciggies)...... Beautifully crafted totally politically incorrect. I love it.

14 January 2010 09:30

Friday 7th August 2009 8pm - 4am is Chew Disco at The Magnet, 45 Hardman Street, Liverpool raising urgently needed funds for Iraqi LGBT!

04 August 2009 17:57

Quoting a previous Steve Martin contribution:- Hasn't it already been done?

12 November 2006 11:30

Maybe I don’t realise it but I am potentially sounding like a long haired dinosaur rock enthusiast. Lovers of ‘progressive rock’ will lament the passing of the concept album.

09 March 2014 13:00

Maybe, but not really the sort played by Xanadu. I play mostly new music, but I wouldn't conisder my show to be aimed at 'da yoof'.

24 December 2009 11:47

Listen to the first line of lyrics in God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols, and you should hear that sneer. Gotta be and influence on Liam.

26 September 2009 09:36

I had a listen last night just to check:No doubt about it 'Never Mind the B-----ks; Here's the sex Pistols', is beautifully non-pc.Whole album;... apart from 'EMI' perhaps...go on..treat yourselves...

31 July 2009 10:57

It's important that a band has sex with itself and also that all members hate each other.

19 July 2009 18:14

Sex as a weapon not on Cruisin's playlist so not us!!!! I reckon "Caroline" and Radio 2

19 July 2009 01:09

Ah. This is a subject dear to me, close to my heart and stuff. There is little defence when they say. "But dad, YOU used to do it".

05 July 2009 13:30

It is my lack of knowledge of music that is the problem here. On the disgraceful scale one to ten perhaps if Vera Lynn scores 2 then Frankie Goes to Holliwood must score 8.

11 February 2009 17:04

Quoting a previous Steve Martin contribution:- In recent times I've found myself addicted to Al Jazeera TV (conveniently on 514 via Sky), especially their Listening Post programme.

21 November 2006 01:18

Ronnie Rodent - The Mouse Mouse About Your House <(Address removed)> said:

17 February 2010 16:58

Particularly because at the time, homosexuality (between males) was illegal, and generally despised by "straights", with the result that these people were guilt-ridden, and anything but "gay",

18 July 2009 12:28