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About the weather - My Dad thinks it's all a big myth this global warming business but I'll tell you something about what it's like here at Melbourne.

10 March 2008 12:25

Well, even ny the Met office forecast which fails to take solar activity into account, this coming week is going to be quite active , weather wise.

05 July 2010 11:07

They simply will not know about a problem with a single transmitter site unless someone reports it to them.

17 July 2009 16:34

Normally I don't like to comment too much on this subject for fear of being labelled a heretic and having my home burned down and children and animals sacrificed to the gods of green. But....

10 July 2009 23:10

Well , the light show looked pretty good even though it was raining at the time . The rain might have actually helped to make the light more lisible in some ways.

18 April 2012 22:50

Isn't it just because it's the time of year when everyone has to sit in a bus-shelter with their family, watching the rain making patterns on the beach ?

11 August 2009 15:49

Many of us have said where we were on "That day" in 1967 insofar as the Pirates are concerned but how many of us (who are old enough!!!)

14 August 2007 14:26

 Well, what I was trying to say, after you said there was little decent music from that era, was that *I* had my own very different opinion.

13 August 2008 00:09

I just spent time in the USA and my hire car had a SIRIUS equipped satellite system which was part of the inbuilt car stereo - it even had 3 TV channels for kids!!.

09 January 2010 00:59

Chris Moyles today announced live on air on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show that he is to step down as the show’s presenter.

11 July 2012 12:00

Anoraky is that a word? Dunno but it will do and i will try and keep this as short as possible not to bore you, Yesterday i went with my Son to Walton and Harwich, The first thing i noticed on the...

15 August 2007 10:51

Anoraky is that a word? Dunno but it will do and i will try and keep this as short as possible not to bore you, Yesterday i went with my Son to Walton and Harwich, The first thing i noticed on the...

15 August 2007 10:38

Quoting a previous Sterling Times contribution:- Last July was absolutely scorching, virtually no rain, people died in this country due to the excessive heat. Cause : Global warming

27 July 2007 12:11

Quoting a previous Richard Sharpe contribution:- Or, if it rains a bit, or if it snows a bit, or the sun shines a bit! We don't seem to be able to do anything right.

20 May 2008 19:10
15 August 2007 15:31

Here's a typical over-complex reply from me. My main phone is an HTC Sensation, fairly recently swapped up from a Desire, but I also have a Wildfire.

12 October 2011 08:03

First i would like to thank everyone for the explanation regarding the tender going walkabout, It does make sense and if i had left the radio on instead of turning it off at 3 i might have been...

16 August 2007 06:01

I was an anorak before 1964, going through phases of train, bus and plane spotting. Radio has been my most enduring activity, followed by County Cricket and non-league football.

30 July 2007 18:47

I agree they are very pleasant places to be in now. I too have no objections to them smoking outside a pub/​restaurant or any other building, in the cold damp rain, snow etc.! --

16 March 2007 09:49

I found this list: B-52's - Vision of a Kiss Barbra Streisand - One Kiss Barbra Streisand - Kiss Me in the Rain Beach Boys - Kiss Me Baby Beeny Goodman - Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It Bette...

25 September 2009 11:02

Taking this line of questioning to it's conclusion suggests that you believe a 'higher power' or god of some kind must have created everything to start with.

23 November 2009 18:07

It was all "pop" when I was a kid and it's still the tag I most prefer to use. I mean, what's wrong with "popular music"/​"pop" as a tag.

23 August 2009 13:07

Sterling Times Superb! I love Eurovision- it's such a really great laugh. The political voting (Greece for Cyprus, Denmark for Sweden, Turkey always ignoring Greece and no one voting for us apart...

02 March 2008 19:47

Hello For the Christmas holidays we hope that you can spend them in good health and with all the loved ones you want,

23 December 2007 19:17

I hope not as Murdock and News Corporation seem to want to control everything else!!

05 July 2010 11:13

Yes I remember spending a fortune on C120 tapes for transmission. they were so vunrable to stretching too with the cold weather and rain. and If I remember they were about £7.00 a tape.

07 April 2008 11:32

It just shows what nonsense all this global warming business is. July 2006 - record temperatures hardly a drop of rain - caused by global warming

08 March 2008 11:46

On the 20th I set off for scout camp in Llanwrst, Snowdonia. Ironically this was the first time that I heard RCN (was it technically still North then?).

14 August 2007 13:16

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28 May 2007 08:06