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News Corporation Acquires Skiff, LLC; Makes Investment in Journalism Online, LLC

15 June 2010 16:38

Top Right Group could see sale or flotation after bankers asked for options Owners of publisher – in which Guardian Media Group is a minority investor – understood to be considering appointing bankers to examine exit routes

26 July 2015 22:37

So which newspaper is going to pick up most of those homeless News of the World readers this Sunday?

15 July 2011 08:53

UK advertising spends hits record £4.7bn in first quarter of 2015 TV ads grew 11.5% year on year but newspapers and publishers report slowest growth in digital ads on record and decline in spending of 6.8% across industry

28 July 2015 00:01

 No, Chris, the reason was much simpler. I never really understood until much later that the July 2nd 1964 "merger" of Caroline and Atlanta was one for marketing reasons only - so rather than...

06 June 2008 19:01

Hi Anorakkers - here's an interesting article that was in todays paper. --- start ---

10 August 2007 00:59

From Mike Elgan writing in Macworld (not that I normally read Macworld, officer), a man who finally 'gets it' and goes public about Google:

14 December 2011 06:31

Normally tumbleweed blows through my lovely Secret Speakeasy (members.boardhost.com ) but it's become the publishing place for daft stuff about Radio Caroline and the pretend Radio Caroline obsessive.

06 September 2010 15:19

Mr Blackburn is having a bit of an anorak fest on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. He's publishing some of his private photos of him and people on board radio ships and other parts of his career.

06 November 2009 20:56

Meanwhile his gorgeous looking new wife has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of his music empire (Publishing and Sound Recordings) and is enjoying life in Spector's Los Angeles castle-like...

15 June 2009 11:26

Ofcom has today launched the UK's first interactive map of fixed broadband, using actual data provided by communications providers about the UK's broadband infrastructure.

06 July 2011 10:54

The corporation has settled the licensing disagreement that forced them to ban DJs from playing the artists’ music

27 July 2015 13:17

Pearson boss defends sale of Financial Times to Nikkei John Fallon says it was getting harder to run education and journalism arms well and is confident Japanese firm will honour editorial freedom

24 July 2015 08:50

 The last few weeks I've been making a point to listen to the Oldies Project at Sunday lunchtimes and their retro Big L Fab 40 charts, currently playing 24th July 1966 chart.

26 July 2009 13:06

But I suppose that want to have a say in the BBC will actually have to get out of there airchair critics position and get to some meetings?? Eric

15 January 2007 14:35

Well, of course, that would be because of the way it was being drip fed as an indoctrination for the sleeping masses by such organisations as the BBC.

27 January 2011 08:11

Media group’s founder says it is to begin ‘a real, civil dialogue’ in the wake of senior editors’ exit over the deletion of a post

27 July 2015 11:18

I believe James Whale is scheduled to present his first show on Play Two this evening starting at 6pm through until 10pm.

20 May 2008 13:17

Thanks Geoff. I'dd qualify your statement by adding that my version of those events I was involved in are true insofar as they are written "as it seemed to me at the time".

23 December 2009 17:59

It goes far deeper than that, it's also the death of the chart, as it no longer has any purpose other than to influence 'sheep consumers' to consume what is perceived to be popular.

07 January 2007 18:06

The Open University did ponder on this point, but the publishers agreed that the book was difficult to read. They produced a monochrome run just for me.

23 July 2009 12:20

Well be prepared to empty your pockets ... Here's an article that sheds some light on the subject of royalties.

25 March 2008 11:10

I get the result I expect with such a search, using a VPN in the UK, and that is Radio1. We both be barkin' to assume RTI would be higher than R1.

29 November 2011 08:29

Ofcom has today shortened the licence period for the radio station More FM (formerly Total Star) Somerset owned by More FM Ltd (formerly One Gold Radio Ltd) by one year for deliberately...

01 August 2011 13:03

It's like he's a religious leader, innit. The Church of Cowell. :-) Enough of religion already! So.

22 November 2009 17:01

I seem to recall having it explained to me that you own only the physical matter upon which the recording is stored, but you have limited rights over the recording itself, such that the bizarre...

16 September 2009 21:24

After years of scribbling away, and more years of seeking an agent, and then working with the agent to go to the market, I finally get to post the news story I've always wanted to post here!

19 November 2008 20:05

Commentators question whether FT’s editorial independence can be assured

24 July 2015 11:39

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is reportedly set to team up with Apple to launch an iPad newspaper called 'the Daily' this month.

22 November 2010 16:13

Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Are you really comparing like with like? It is the duty of each new generation to not only piss off and not be understood by the previous one, but to rebel against them.

05 November 2009 16:21

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24 April 2010 11:55