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Published: January 2011

I think somw SWLers listen mainly because they like SW radio, but also listen for the music.

02 January 2011 15:08
Published: May 2010

FRS Holland have just finished their broadcast on 6400 and 9300KHz. There will be a full repeat from 13:52-18:45 UTC (14:52-19:45 UK Time) on 7600KHz.

30 May 2010 14:04
Published: December 2009

Dear FRS Friends, I N V I T A T I O N Following our November 15th & 22nd broadcasts a few weeks ago, FRS-Holland will again take to the airwaves over the X-Mas Holiday Season.

10 December 2009 16:29
Published: October 2009

I was sent this email by FRS Holland (Free Radio Service): 'Hi FRS Friends,

11 October 2009 15:42

Dear FRS Friends, Summer has gone and autumn is ruling. Propagation conditions have reached to a satisfactory level. Time to expand some activity.

04 October 2009 14:16

Hi FRS Friends, Right now FRS-Holland is testing on 7600 kHz. At 09.00 UTC we planned to switch to 7635 kHz but owing to circumstances beyond our control that has to be cancelled.

04 October 2009 14:02