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Well I'm guessing not much else is going to happen today with Radio Caroline North.

01 April 2014 19:15

I have just updated the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame web site, as I do on the last day of every month.

01 January 2007 03:51

There's a couple that I'm aware of: QMR.fm, and Generation Mix. I suspect that those who do offer "live" programming are allowing bedroom DJs on who are either young and want a go at playing radio,...

08 December 2006 11:51

Can you recall pirate radio appearing within a TV show?

24 October 2006 23:32

What it is, is that he (and Dave) broke the World record for the longest DJ team on air.

19 March 2011 12:34

Once again a very Merry Christmas to you all from the MAR DJ's and engineering staff!

26 December 2009 01:08

Anoraky is that a word? Dunno but it will do and i will try and keep this as short as possible not to bore you, Yesterday i went with my Son to Walton and Harwich, The first thing i noticed on the...

15 August 2007 10:51

Can you remember the TV shows that had story lines about pirate radio stations? Please help compile this 'ultimate' list by hitting 'Comment' and giving as much detail as possible about the...

18 October 2006 21:27

Hat-tip to somebody on Garry's board for this: rapidshare.com

26 May 2010 15:31

After years of scribbling away, and more years of seeking an agent, and then working with the agent to go to the market, I finally get to post the news story I've always wanted to post here!

19 November 2008 20:05

Anoraky is that a word? Dunno but it will do and i will try and keep this as short as possible not to bore you, Yesterday i went with my Son to Walton and Harwich, The first thing i noticed on the...

15 August 2007 10:38

An interesting point that you make. Obviously I can only speak personally, but back in the late 70's and early 80's the main thing that I wanted from my radio was music.

03 December 2006 15:38

Thank you Geoff for your kind words. Dave Simpson has been on both the Mi Amigo and the Ross Revenge before but not as a DJ unfortunately.

24 October 2009 13:41

Quoting a previous Steve Martin contribution:- A good question. I think I'm right in saying that, on balance, there are probably a number of 'big fish' whilst the others are very tiny, nothing...

10 August 2007 11:47

Hallo everyone. This posting in the Dutch language can now be read on www.bloggen.be Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Netherlands.

09 February 2010 20:40

MAR will be back on the air today Sunday 8th March 2009 from around 10am till midnight. The frequency is 1386 AM, which is 217 metres on the medium wave.

08 March 2009 00:35

RTI starting this Saturday - UK times 20.00 Dan Wood mixes up an hour of house anthems. 21.00 Matt Darey The legendary DJ/​producer Matt Darey presents an hour of the best new dance tracks including...

15 January 2009 13:25

Now I never thought of it from that angle. A Big Brother type show, with a load of dj's that have never met before, jockeying (no pun honest guv) for position on the ego front.

14 April 2008 23:53

Quoting a previous Steve Martin contribution:- I can categorically state that not one single offshore dj was a shirt-lifter.

18 March 2008 21:06

From: "Arthur G. R. Sutherland" <(Address removed)> Urgh! So all offshore dj's were raving faggots? :-)

18 March 2008 15:41

Hi Richard, Interesting one you mention here because just maybe offshore radio enthusiasts and broadcasters may have brought us a now popularly used cultural term 'Anorak' The story as I was once...

11 September 2007 12:42

Graham Lets not forget Johnnie Walker never gets through a Sounds of the 60's without the 60's pirates getting a mention. Anorak radio or what!!!

07 November 2006 20:34

My review for anyone who hasn't seen it on a couple of other forums: It was much better than I had anticipated, thoroughly enjoyed the film.

02 April 2009 18:09

I probably have about 70,000 tracks collected over the last 11 years or so. Yep most I'll never play, but I DJ now and again here and there.

05 September 2012 11:49

Hello everyone. This morning the 1395 kHz from the "Jenni Baynton" is now on air again with a power of (about?)

04 September 2012 14:19

...a DJ of Radio Monique 963 (Ad Roberts) has now just said that this 1485 kHz is not yet on air! Nico.

27 August 2012 19:57

Your dire predictions could well come true , at least as far as commercial radio is concerned.

03 August 2012 12:59

Surely the annoyingly high increases shown in the latest RAJAR with regard to Jack FM (the station that, apart from breakfast, has no DJs or presenters) are sounding the death knell for 'presented'...

02 August 2012 20:53

www.bbc.co.uk Chris Moyles is to leave the Radio 1 breakfast show at the end of September.

11 July 2012 08:50

...today the power is now the same again as Sunday till Wednesday and the music and the talk of the DJ's sounds now good too.

06 April 2012 14:32

This weekend most of the DJs will be doing their own tribute to the lat great Tom Lodge

31 March 2012 15:37

The legendary DJ will be on Saturday teatime ahead of Mary Ann Hobbs.

29 June 2011 16:48

Also how many other DJ's/​presenters have had songs dedicated to them, eh? This tune just goes to prove his popularity with human kind. www.youtube.com Andy

26 June 2011 11:16

Hello everyone. On www.mediapages.nl you can find a link to a interview with Don Stevens. He was DJ of both Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo. Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Nethelrands.

10 June 2011 17:41

Here's a man that ought to go far in the future: Pintsize. He's a DJ on Hightz FM (108 across London town) on Thursdays 2pm - 4pm (except he won't be on this week) which those outside of London...

04 October 2010 11:31

I've just received an e-mail from Tom Lodge, Radio Caroline's top DJ from 1964-66: There's a new book that reveals the amazing, true but unknown story of the British Invasion, and how pirate radio...

14 September 2010 17:46

6 Music hands playlist over to listeners in first ever Do It Yourself Weekend - Digital radio station BBC 6 Music is set to hand over the station to the listeners across August Bank Holiday with...

12 August 2010 12:27

Christopher "metres" are still being used on multi band radios, on SW the broadcast bands are still in metres and so are the Amateur Bands.

20 January 2010 08:56

Good news everybody! Ronnie Rodent aka the mouse mouse about your house has now fixed his computer with the aid of some gaffa tape, a set of floppy disks containing MSDOS v6.22 and a liberal...

27 December 2009 05:30

Here is the line up of DJ's on MAR - Merseyland Alternative Radio for Sunday 6th December 2009.

06 December 2009 10:22

Five new DJs have joined VOP. www.thevoiceofpeace.co.il

20 November 2009 13:04

How very true, Oscar. I was reminded on reading your post of an account someone who had been on the LV18 rsls told me about.

29 October 2009 22:45

If the DJ is capable yes. It doesn't matter how old the DJ is as long as they don't sound like a Light Programme announcer :-)

06 October 2009 20:06

Does anyone know any bands/​artists who support (or approve of) free radio? I know Dizzee Rascal does, he was a DJ himself.

30 September 2009 19:40

An interesting group of DJs on the station from Radio Caroline Doug wood, Mark Stafford & Pandora etc

26 September 2009 12:12

WELL I LIKE IT its part of radio history its dj are doing it cos they love radio ,i am thinking matbe your not a fan of comunity radio then www.103theeye.co.uk a stattion thats trying hard in this...

29 August 2009 02:52

That must have been around the same time that he attempted to teach Lennon and McCartney how to write songs (seriously). Didn't get him anywhere, (except the cover of "Band on the Run", years later).

26 July 2009 12:30

I was very sad to see that you are Facebook free of a Mouse friend. Is this some kind of prejudice you have? Are you a species-ist?

26 July 2009 12:21
26 July 2009 11:59
26 July 2009 11:47