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Published: February 2015

Scottish broadcaster says digital growth and rising ad market have helped improve its results

26 February 2015 16:21

Producer claims 2007 programme was not screened to avoid upsetting Prince Charles

26 February 2015 10:35

The BBC reports bewildering events but it fails to help us understand them | Steve Richards Even for the most self-confident political leaders, or strident tweeters, these are challenging times. Daunting questions erupt with no easy answers. How to address the rise of radical Islam?

26 February 2015 07:00
26 February 2015 05:59

Broadcaster says there are no plans to reduce the amount of NITV news programming following reports daily bulletin would be taken off air

26 February 2015 00:27

Report recommends replacing the BBC Trust with a single board, creating a public service broadcasting commission to act as external watchdog

26 February 2015 00:05

Daily Mail coverage of Cliff Richard raid report inaccurate - author Former chief constable Andy Trotter says paper’s claims of South Yorkshire police incompetence and BBC dishonesty are wrong

24 February 2015 18:07

Gone Girl star’s patchy hosting turn is watched by 16% fewer US viewers than last year, when Ellen DeGeneres’s celeb-packed selfie helped boost social media mentions

24 February 2015 09:00

South Yorkshire force’s deal to supply details of raid to corporation, which broadcast live coverage, caused singer unnecessary distress, says report

24 February 2015 07:25

Broadcast magazine says London TV station is failing to show eight hours of ‘first run local programming’ required of its licence

23 February 2015 16:13

Party tells Tories Ed Miliband will be available for head-to-head debate scheduled for week before election, and seeks commitment from PM

23 February 2015 13:50

So there's a radio ship making ready to switch on and broadcast in 1970s Radio Caroline style to help us decide how to vote? I believe this totally!

22 February 2015 14:56

Every fortnight we publish a Broadcast Bulletin which includes our complaints adjudications.

16 February 2015 09:06

Viewers and listeners in the UK have long enjoyed a rich heritage of broadcasting and quality programming.

11 February 2015 08:00
Published: January 2015

Radio Alison (1982) _ NO Aquarius FM (South East London, 1989)- NO Radio Argus (1988) - Continued for many, many years to SE Londonon various AM frequencies Back Street Radio ("punk station", 1977).

11 January 2015 16:02

Anybody know anything about these smaller unlicensed stations operating in London in the seventies or eighties?

09 January 2015 14:04
Published: September 2014

Exactly, Eric. I wouldn't pay 50p for a slot on a DAB multiplex. If you ask me, this newfangled Intertent thing is the way forward for broadcasting. On 17/​09/​2014 11:14, Eric Wiltsher wrote:

17 September 2014 12:26
Published: August 2014

It's more suited to Tommy Vance, it's the kind of music he loves, hence why he's taking over from our Tone.

31 August 2014 19:19
Published: July 2014

If you read other books about the BBC or interviews by ex-staff this atmosphere seems to have been prevalent way before offshore radio existed of the British coast.

01 July 2014 11:33

If you read other books about the BBC or interviews by ex-staff this atmosphere seems to have been prevalent way before offshore radio existed of the British coast.

01 July 2014 11:33
Published: June 2014

All complaints to: www.independent.co.uk d-in-pirate-radio-9570462. html Jimmy Savile 's crimes are rooted in pirate radio John Peel was allowed to run a 'schoolgirl of the year' competition on his...

30 June 2014 17:19

Between 1979 and 1989 (ceased because of saw and rap) I taped every "Pick of the Pops" broadcast on Radio 1, carefully editing out Blackburn, Vance etc.

08 June 2014 17:22
Published: May 2014

was thargside Gerry Sinclair or am I barking up the wrong tower block. I remember it well - 'On 90 to 94 MHz this is Thargside' Later on in the same broadcast they took the mickey out of Radio...

19 May 2014 20:17
Published: April 2014

Here is the line-up for Our broadcast this weekend on MAR Saturday 26 April 2014 16:00 Kelley Collins 18:00 Paul Jay (replay 2012) 20:00 Dave Rogers (replay 2012) 22:00 Rodger Dee Sunday 27 April...

26 April 2014 16:09

From: Christopher England When you actually look past the usual trolls and multiple IP nutters, and the usual moaners that don't like it because it hasn't got 90 year old dj's broadcasting from the...

06 April 2014 14:10

Well, here we are at day 3 of Groundhog Day, after a day, night, and now day of the same hour long recordings of non-stop music from the Birkenhead Broadcasters claiming they are Radio Caroline...

02 April 2014 09:17
Published: March 2014

Hallo everyone. On www.offshoreradio.de and then scroll a little bit down, you can there now read this:

13 March 2014 22:22

Maybe I don’t realise it but I am potentially sounding like a long haired dinosaur rock enthusiast. Lovers of ‘progressive rock’ will lament the passing of the concept album.

09 March 2014 13:00
Published: February 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Liverpool February 2014 'The Lady is Fifty'

13 February 2014 23:24
Published: October 2013

What a story. So , so very lucky that nobody from Caroline went on the ship with him as any connection with something like that would have been a complete PR disaster for the station - especially...

27 October 2013 10:54
Published: July 2013

My understanding was that they were gradually going to switch the UK terrestrial multiplexes to the T2 MP4 format which allows broadcasters to either get more standard definition channels in, or...

19 July 2013 09:37

Hi All I'm confused. So OFCOM gets money from broadcasters. It then gives some of this money to community stations, but why?

12 July 2013 11:14
Published: May 2013

Happy Monday all Sorry to say our mp3 stream is down, we are trying to to sort the problem out. You can still hear our AAC+ & 32kbs streams, as well as our fantastic 105fm broadcast

06 May 2013 10:35
Published: April 2013

Hello everyone. On www.radioseagull.com you can now read this: 1395 AM - April 2013

30 April 2013 17:00
Published: February 2013

Ofcom has awarded the licence to run the local TV service in London on digital terrestrial TV (DTT).

05 February 2013 15:20
Published: January 2013
20 January 2013 13:11

Christopher Some of these people are genuinely trying to offer a service NOT offered by the current commercial operations.

17 January 2013 16:23

POPTASTIC! Tony Blackburn's Life on Air Join us as we celebrate the career of one of our most loved broadcasters, Tony Blackburn!

16 January 2013 10:25
Published: November 2012

It has been announced that Garrison Radio is to close in March. The announcement was made at the end of last week after the station failed to get enough money to continue after the Ministry of...

19 November 2012 21:33
Published: October 2012

Your poor people having to pay for this! Autumnwatch returns to BBC Two

16 October 2012 12:15
Published: September 2012

(Originally published at christopherengland.com - reproduced here for the entertainment and commentary on the Anorak Nation)

04 September 2012 16:44
Published: August 2012

For me , it's not just the fact it's Dutch - if i was really interested , i would take the troublr to translate it. it's just that it's always about the same old things.

29 August 2012 19:20

I would second what you are saying Eric. At risk of sounding rude , This is an English language forum about UK or worldwide technology and broadcasting subjects.

25 August 2012 09:31

The digital switch-over has quietly commenced at four BBC local radio stations in England, RadioToday.co.uk can reveal.

20 August 2012 13:46

Hi all We here at MAR are celebrating the life of Rick Dane (Radio Jackie North), in November.

08 August 2012 07:06

Your dire predictions could well come true , at least as far as commercial radio is concerned.

03 August 2012 12:59

I have to agree with you on this. I think that once the Youview box catches on (still far too expensive to buy just for fun) then the idea of watching something a) 'live' and b) 'though the air'...

02 August 2012 16:34

Looks like R3 and 5live should be axed to save money as less stake holders would be affected. Eric

02 August 2012 16:20

When I first read this, I thought it was one of the most stupid ideas I had heard for quite a while.

02 August 2012 09:16

Well, yes, why not? It kinda is already for most young people who are already watching TV via their laptops/​iPads/​phones, and not using any old fashioned 'receivers'.

01 August 2012 20:56