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Published: Friday, 28 November 2014

The University of York’s York Vision was crowned newspaper of the year at the Guardian Student Media awards 2014.


Beyoncé’s new music video, Jennifer Aniston pranks Chris Stark and a lamb chop goes into space


Often thought of as laborious and irksome, the constant tracking of time in PR has actually helped improve the quality of my life • More from PR peep show Continue reading...


The BBC children’s department could be joining Panorama in being moved to the new commercial subsidiary for the corporation’s in-house production staff.


The Feed news show on SBS2 gathers some of the biggest names in public and commercial television journalism for violent parody of Ron Burgundy news clash

Published: Thursday, 27 November 2014

Former Conservative cabinet minister may face bill for millions, as gamble to resurrect career in high court fails


Newsquest announces decision to continue publishing title ‘indefinitely’ after week-long pilot run exceeds expectations Continue reading...


The key to a multi-screen campaign is consumer research: which platforms do they use, when and in what order?


Labour MP says TV companies should have to explain why jobs go to men over 70 while younger women struggle Continue reading...


Paying police officers is acceptable in “exceptional circumstances”, a former news executive on the Sun told a jury.


Sales of the second edition of the new Scottish pro-independence daily paper the National are understood to have dipped to 50,000 on Tuesday, but huge demand from advertisers will see pagination...


Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell has lost his high court libel action over the Plebgate incident.


We round up the best insights and tips from our last live Q&A on social media and the law Continue reading...


Judge gives decision in former chief whip Andrew Mitchell’s libel trial against News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Sun, over what MP allegedly said at gates of Downing Street in 2012


Radio 4 is to challenge critics who argue that the BBC is dumbing down by clearing its New Year’s Day schedule for a 10-hour adaptation of War and Peace starring John Hurt and Simon Russell Beale.


David Israel offers solutions to businesses worried that staff will take their customers to a competitor


Former Yahoo and Virgin Radio boss praised for moving company away from its dependence on TV advertising Continue reading...


The SEA is claiming to have hacked a number of sites, but evidence points to an ad network at the heart of the attacks


The Gunn Report is holding an online exhibition of 50 award-winning press and poster advertising campaigns from 21 different countries, spanning 15 years, that showcase the very best of illustration.


Payday loan commercials could be banned from TV before the 9pm watershed, under proposals being considered by the UK advertising regulator.


Writer and broadcaster, who wrote a poem earlier this year predicting he would be dead by autumn, says he’s embarrassed he is still here


‘Shared content’ pilot scheme is extended


Poll puts corporation and ‘upmarket’ press top of trust table


The proportion of women holding senior management positions at UK advertising agencies is at its highest for almost two decades, according to a new study.


Our roundup of the day's media stories, including the latest on BBC programming cuts and a political row over Daily Express front page.


The award-winning BBC Radio 4 consumer investigations series Face the Facts is to be axed, the latest programme to fall victim to corporation cuts.


Spencer says her decision to end her record stint in charge of the executive program had nothing to do with budget cuts


Deciding to launch a print magazine catering to Australia’s LGBT community, Amy Middleton explains how she funded it, and handled complaints about its cover

Published: Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Whitehall editor is the first reporter from the Sun to be acquitted in relation to Scotland Yard’s Operation Elveden Continue reading...


Ex-Moscow bureau chief recognised for his work on WikiLeaks, Ukraine and Russia, as well as the Snowden revelations Continue reading...


Lord Wood writes to Express owner Richard Desmond saying paper’s article is inaccurate and highly offensive Continue reading...


Unprintable tales of explosive scandals involving politicians and celebrities were stored in a “Wild West-style” safe in the Sun’s newsroom if they could not be used, a court has heard.


The editor of the Sun has called on Twitter to crack down on the illegal posting of goal clips to help protect tNews UK’s £30m investment in digital Premier League football highlights.


So what if she paid for information? Journalists have done it for years


A senior journalist on the Sun’s political team has walked free from the Old Bailey after a jury found her not guilty of paying for leaks from a corrupt public official working for HMRC.


The job of a parent is to bring up well-adjusted children, not be ‘down with the kids’ Continue reading...


Beware the danger in the counter-terrorism law Is what you write on your computer safe? Who can look at what you’re writing? And how does the surveillance system work?


Actor to appear on Good Morning Christmas in her role as UN special envoy as Donny Osmond will be guest on Fern Britton Meets … Continue reading...


Mysterious toy-unboxer DC Toys Collector – formerly DisneyCollector – was the most popular YouTube channel in October with 400m views


Video bloggers are breaking the law if they fail to tell their legions of fans they are being paid to promote products, according to a landmark ruling from the UK advertising watchdog.


After launches in 12 towns and cities, visibility, quality and revenue remain problematic, contends Roy Greenslade


The UK music industry is seeking a judicial review of new legislation allowing music fans to make copies of legally-purchased music, arguing that musicians must be compensated as a result of lost...


Richard Barrett says it is impractical for social media firms to monitor millions of messages a day for terrorist intent Continue reading...


Journalists’ call records sent ‘in error’ to police by Vodafone


Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Mail Online revenues grow 41% and footballers back London start-up If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get our email every morning...


Toca Nature, Sleep Better, Vainglory, World of Warriors, Molecules by Theodore Gray, snowbuddy and more


If only Oscar contenders like Birdman and Top Five were a bit more All About Eve when it comes to kicking journalists


Mail Online has grew revenues by more than 40% to £62m in 2014, almost completely offsetting the advertising and sales decline at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.