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Published: Monday, 2 March 2015

Home secretary urges responsible reporting on extremists such as Mohammed Emwazi if lives are at risk as she faces grilling about control orders


The Guardian view on Russian propaganda: the truth is out there | Editorial Nietzsche said it first: “There are no facts, only interpretations.” But Vladimir Putin has perfected it into a political strategy.


The pioneering film critic blazed a trail for female reviewers – but today, the proportion of women writing about film is falling. What can we learn from this bracing, witty writer?


The award-winning journalist was traumatised after reporting on Haiti, made worse by guilt that she had only seen, rather than experienced, terrible things


Red-carpet revolt? No, the Oscars will always be about the dress I read an article earlier this year in an American newspaper that said “a revolt” was beginning on the red carpet among female celebrities. Did this revolt happen?


Age: Five. Appearance: Everywhere and nowhere.


Tony Hall says he would not have talked about bank with head of trust, who formerly chaired HSBC’s audit committee, while a BBC investigation was ongoing


Viewers complained to Ofcom about Perez Hilton’s ‘sexualised’ ans ‘threatening’ behaviour, as well as Ken Morley’s use of the word ‘negro’


‘Next year, his balls’ vows singer as he shaves off Evgeny Lebedev’s hair and eyebrows for charity


Second edition of Google-backed music awards will be online-only, with gongs for Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, One Direction and other artists


Tony Hall welcomes MPs’ report on the corporation, even supporting the idea of a proposed household levy


ITV's This Morning to be investigated over 'Fifty Shades' sex-toy slot Segment on ‘bondage for beginners’ shown at 10.30am attracted more than 120 complaints to media watchdog


Amazon subsidiary streamed 56m minutes of poker to its 100m monthly viewers in January, setting its sights on gambling market


Rwandan committee claims it has ‘serious evidence of criminal offences’ relating to a controversial film that questioned official accounts of the 1994 genocide


Media regulator to launch investigation into views expressed during Crosstalk programme on Kremlin-backed broadcaster


OSCE press freedom representative calls for criminal code to be amended


BBC1 adaptation of JK Rowling novel finished three-part run with 4.6 million, with Channel 4’s Indian Summers dropping below 2 million for first time


Standalone device will go head-to-head with Facebook’s $2bn VR headset by the end of 2015, when both will have released commercial editions


He may be right, but mainstream newspapers still set the political agenda


Our roundup of the day’s media stories, including Rebekah Brooks to be rehired by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp


With 517.3m monthly views, unboxing channel Funtoys Collector is now bigger than second-placed PewDiePie – and Taylor Swift hasn’t done badly either


Trinity Mirror profits rise despite revenue fall Print decline at Mirror publisher in 2014 offset by cost cuts, reduction in debt and improving digital performance


Staff working on series such as Doctor Who to move into new division – with plan to transfer out of the publicly-funded part of the corporation


New technologies offer marketers a wealth of opportunities, but it’s essential to gain public trust in order to realise their potential


IT technicians at the leftwing daily Taz say spying on colleagues had been going on since the begging of 2014


In a speech on the corporation’s future, its director general will say the BBC can either continue as standard bearer or sleep-walk into decay

Published: Sunday, 1 March 2015

FA chairman Greg Dyke offers to host Fifa presidential TV debate at Wembley All four candidates for the Fifa presidency have been invited to take part in a live televised debate - and Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has offered to host it at Wembley.


Ukip rails against BBC's Great European Disaster Movie BBC denies Ukip claims that European Union provided money for the film in which Nigel Farage is the prime minister of ‘Great England’


Open door: The readers’ editor on… who has a say in choosing the Guardian’s next editor | Chris Elliott As much as the Guardian is an internationalist newspaper, the thoughts of editorial staff have been focused a bit closer to home in recent weeks.


Sources say deal imminent as Brooks returns to News Corp to head up media mogul’s quest for online investments, eight months after acquittal from phone-hacking charges


BBC News trumpets its exclusive reveal on Jihadi John – or was it? The identity of the man known as Jihadi John “has been revealed today by BBC News”, announced Huw Edwards on Thursday.


Yasar Kemal obituary The Turkish writer Yaşar Kemal, who has died aged 91, found fame after the publication of his first novel, Ince Memed (1955), translated into English as Memed, My Hawk (1961).


Chair of BBC’s governing body was chair of HSBC’s audit committee at time covered by HSBC files, but has had no discussions with journalists about coverage


Rebecca Eaton: Masterpiece is the ‘little black dress of British drama’ Eddie Redmayne’s best actor win at the Oscars is just the latest reminder that UK screen talent is in a period of extraordinary popularity and success in America.


Media Monkey: Aidan Turner, Benedict Cumberbatch and Newsnight • Aidan Turner, star of Being Human, The Hobbit and now Poldark, was mobbed at a BFI screening of the BBC’s reworking of the 70s drama set in the 18th century, after which much of the Q&A was...


Why we need more of Silent Witness’s Clarissa to help disability portrayal Hurrah for Clarissa Mullery. If you’re not familiar with Silent Witness, Clarissa Mullery, played by Liz Carr, is a fantastic forensic scientist.


BBC report left a warm glow – but didn’t tackle burning issue of independence Last week’s lengthy select committee report on the future of the BBC may have been the firing of the starting gun for the charter review debate, but it was more an air rifle than a bazooka.


The Gary Glitter fans who still follow the leader Steven Thomas was 37 years old when, as he puts it, “my world ended”. He had been a Gary Glitter fan since the early 70s: “Do You Wanna Touch Me on Top of the Pops, 1973, that was it. Bam.


Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google normally blocked may be permitted to do business if they follow rules


Farewell then, Sunday evening chart show. I have loved you well | Laura Barton Like many people, I still have the tapes: C60s and C90s, holding a clutter of favourite songs clumsily recorded off the radio: Robbie Nevil’s C’est La Vie, Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors, hits...


These days, BBC crises reflect the corporation’s unique status as a kicked-around, intermittently revered piece of national furniture.


Thompson of the NY Times tries to play it safe in the net v print game Mark Thompson, former director general of the BBC, became chief executive officer at the New York Times because the ruling Sulzberger dynasty thought he understood the digital world: an iPlayer as...


The reporter who put faces to LA’s murder statistics Interview with Jill Leovy, crime correspondent of the LA Times, who fought to put faces to the city’s homicide statistics in a bid to challenge assumptions about ‘gang-related’ violence.


Don’t expect the Telegraph’s trawl for a scoop to earn a reprimand Due credit to the Telegraph second time round. What do you do when you’re digging yourself deeper into a hole? Dig a new one under the Palace of Westminster.


Four years after being critically injured in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan, photographer Giles Duley is launching a project to document the long-term cost of conflict around the world


Lyse Doucet: ‘Our job is to make sure people don’t turn away’ Lyse Doucet is the BBC’s chief international correspondent. She has reported from Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine, among other places.


Before they became friends, Simon Hirst was Tony Blackburn’s biggest fan. And when Simon chose to have a sex change, Tony lived up to his nickname as her ‘radio dad’