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Published: Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New website features objects recovered from the Battle of Waterloo Wellington’s boots, an amputation saw and a soldier’s vertebra among the collection to go on display online ahead of 18 June anniversary

Published: Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Yes, Kirstie Allsopp, littering’s bad. But then so is self-righteousness | Kathryn Hughes Last Friday morning, Kirstie Allsopp thought she saw someone throwing litter from a car.


Green party’s flagship economic policy would hit poorest hardest, say experts The Green party’s flagship economic policy, the £72 a week “citizen’s income”, would hit the poorest hardest unless it was made more complicated by including a means-tested element,...


The female suicide bomber Isis wants freed in return for Japanese hostage The woman who Isis wants released from a Jordanian jail, in return for Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, has family ties with Iraq’s most violent militant groups.


The west should engage with Baku on friendlier terms to help secure the release of regime critics, writes Murad Gassanly


Sky to spare its reporters from fans’ humiliation on transfer deadline day Sky Sports News has ended its tradition of standing reporters outside football grounds on deadline day to avoid the farcical scenes that marred last year’s closing of the summer transfer window.


Former banker and convicted sex offender complains in court filing about ‘gossip media’ and says his accusers are feeding ‘sensational’ stories to journalists


The Super Bowl ads are starting to air – and who better to kick them off than an unusually self-mocking Kim Kardashian?


A BBC executive has damned the label as ‘loaded’. Where does the word come from, and can it ever be more than a value judgment?


Media reports of a recent study suggesting a wide variety of common drugs can increase the chances of getting dementia are more sensationalism than science If you looked at the news at all...


England games to be shown on broadcaster’s main channel with ITV4 showing other matches, including Scotland’s


Facebook is a juggernaut that leaves a void for billions when it goes offline, but back in 2010, the only answer was to turn the whole thing off and on again


Prime minister accused of ‘wriggling’ as he calls on broadcasters to include Northern Ireland parties and for debate series to be brought forward as early as March


Cumberbatch’s ‘coloured’ gaffe reveals just how white the film industry is | Joseph Harker So, Benedict Cumberbatch has apologised for using the word “coloured” to describe black actors in a US televison interview.


BT Sport hoping to sign Gary Lineker to front Champions League coverage BT Sport has stepped up attempts to sign Gary Lineker to front its live Champions League coverage next season on a deal that would enable him to continue presenting Match of the Day for the BBC.


Scotland’s first pro-independence daily paper falls to 15,000 – a quarter of launch edition – but publishing group remains committed to investing in the title


Facebook’s outage exposes our digital fragility | Simon Jenkins OMG Facebook is down! Down too went Instagram. It was just for an hour this morning, but the tweets screamed “Do I have to talk to someone real?” In a manner of speaking, yes.


Newspaper tells tragic story behind its original report of the mass murder of Jews


BBC director general stands byJeremy Clarkson in Radio Times interview and says watershed probably won’t be around in 20 to 30 years


Nick Baughan of Maxus UK: ‘Embrace change, don’t fear it’ The CEO talks about change, the rise of native advertising and why we’re yet to see many examples of real creativity wrought from data • Guardian Changing Media Summit 2015 – programme Ahead...


NFL launches YouTube channel just in time for Super Bowl XLIX Promises buildup analysis and highlights of Patriots /​ Seahawks season closer, with plans for more videos in the seasons ahead


They’re picking the carcass clean, writes Toronto Star business columnist


Comedy Central, Food Network, CNN, National Geographic, Vice and Warner Music Group are reportedly launch partners for messaging app’s media play


Japanese prime minister calls for release of reporter Kenji Goto


Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Tony Hall steps into Archers row and Rupert Murdoch berates 'horrible elites' over Page 3 If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get...


Sugar high on the London Eye: Coca-Cola sponsorship should make us weep Coca-Cola, with nine teaspoons of sugar per can, is a contributor to obesity and diabetes, which threaten to overwhelm the NHS


Tropes vs. Women in Video Games creator isn’t letting Gamergate harassment stymie her plans for Feminist Frequency expansion in 2015


Facebook, Tinder, Instagram and others were unavailable for 40 minutes after an apparent outage at Facebook’s HQ, cascading to other networks


New division is staffed by Pixar veterans, with its first VR movie Lost debuting at the Sundance Film Festival


Explorer’s ITV debut set in the rainforests of central America tests expedition skills during 12-day survival mission


Mada Masr was formed just before military coup of 2013. Amid growing censorship, its staff have risked their lives to continue reporting. Can they stay true to their mission?


Condemnation of the PM began with the ‘electronic graffiti’ of social media and quickly spread to both left and right sides of the mainstream media


BBC director general Tony Hall steps into row over latest Archers plotlines The BBC’s director general, Tony Hall, has rebuked the controller of Radio 4 and the makers of The Archers amid complaints that the soap has become too sensationalised.

Published: Monday, 26 January 2015

Former Harry Potter star to take lead role in Disney reworking of its classic cartoon, with the original’s songs present and correct


After an apparent protest against the broadcasting company Fox, a man shot himself in the chest in front of the News Corp building in New York on Monday morning and later died.


RK Laxman, India’s ‘Common Man’ cartoonist, dies aged 94 RK Laxman, the renowned Indian cartoonist whose sketches appeared on the front page of The Times of India for more than five decades, has died aged 94.


Marketing in 2015: make the customer experience count The coming year will see mobile take the lead and data analytics will improve consumer relationships. The stakes have never been higher


New short-form video service is promising 72-hour exclusives on new content from creators, but are those exclusives worth watching?


The current run features the show’s first wedding with a Tourette’s sufferer marrying his sweetheart in New York


Ad break: Adidas, Vauxhall Corsa, DialDirect, Anti Smoking,, Carl's Jr - video In this week's Ad Break, Luis Suárez has a riposte for the 'haters' in an advert for Adidas; Vauxhall positions the Corsa as the best choice for youngsters; South Africa's DialDirect puts...


Lena Dunham interview featured in new interactive service where audience can get involved in creative process by sharing and rating content


David Cameron: include Northern Ireland parties too in TV debates PM says good progress has been made in debate negotiations but questions why Northern Ireland parties are missing out


Law professor raises questions following high court allegations against publisher


ITV’s department store drama attracts 3.8 million viewers for series opening, down more than a million on last season’s first episode


What is Trivia Crack and why are 100m people playing it? The latest mobile game craze has launched in the UK, complete with questions about Prince George and Cheryl Cole for local tastes.


Publisher’s tweet scorns those who ‘yak on’ about use of topless pictures


Image-based social network has traditionally appealed more to women, but men were its fastest growing group of users in 2014


Reporter’s decapitated body is found three weeks after his disappearance


Mock my Nokia all you like – I’m happier since ditching my smartphone | Liz Smith Towards the end of 2014 I was burned out, for a variety of reasons. My job at the time involved working in a busy open plan office, with constant interruptions and competing demands.


Reporter tells of ‘crazy’ incidents after breaking story of prosecutor’s death