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Published: Thursday, 24 July 2014

Edinburgh TV festival to feature Frankie Boyle and Gary Lineker The 39th annual Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival in August will feature appearances from magician Dynamo, the comedian Frankie Boyle and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker.


Yesterday, I mentioned that TV host Bill Maher objected to Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner.


Presenter faces barrage of abuse on Twitter for fronting opening ceremony less than a fortnight after his World Cup stint


A US newspaper editor who was fired after making homophobic statements is now suing his former employer by claiming he was a victim of religious discrimination.


Mail Onlines ad revenues soar by nearly 50% Mail Online increased its advertising revenue by 49% in the quarter to 30 June, offsetting a decline in print revenues at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.


Australian Press Council said errors in the News Corp paper were compounded by its response to complaint


Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Facebook mobile ad revenues soar and Express Newspapers job cuts If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get our email every morning,...


The senior editors of Ireland's largest-selling daily newspaper are being threatened with imprisonment.

Published: Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mark Zuckerberg says 'our community has continued to grow' as revenue for the quarter ending June 30 totalled $2.91bn


Tom Watson, the Labour MP who led the charge in parliament against the News of the World over its phone hacking activities, has shown a measure of sympathy for its former editor, Andy Coulson.


Two of America's most popular TV iconoclasts - Jon Stewart and Bill Maher - have shown their concern about Rupert Murdoch acquiring Time Warner.


Good Housekeeping is to give its research institute a home of its own by moving it out from its editorial offices into its own premises in London's Soho.


Express Newspapers to cut 200 posts Richard Desmond is planning 30% staff cuts about 200 posts at Express Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday.


Big Brother helps Channel 5 beat Channel 4 in all-day ratings | TV ratings - 22 July Channel 4 was beaten in the ratings by Channel 5 on Tuesday, as the latter enjoyed its annual Big Brother ratings bump and critically acclaimed drama Utopia lost out to the return of Geordie Shore...


Rupert Murdoch has launched yet another newspaper. Well, up to a point.


Adeles son gets payout in privacy case The two-year-old son of singer Adele has accepted a five-figure sum from Corbis Images UK in damages in settlement of a privacy case brought by his parents over paparazzi photos of his milestone...


Journalists working in Ukraine are being intimidated by pro-Russian separatists on a daily basis, and not only in the country's eastern region.


Payday lender withdraws ad that encourages 'worry-free' borrowing An email from payday lender Pounds to Pocket has been banned for encouraging customers to use a short-term loan to fund birthday celebrations.


Doctor Who hunter more Indiana Jones than Timelord | Media Monkey Doctor Who fans are among the most dedicated in the television world, but one man takes risks beyond the call of duty in his devotion to the show.


Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Diane Coyle not on BBC Trust shortlist and Mazher Mahmood faces probe If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get our email every...


TalkTalk pay-TV subscribers top 1.1m TalkTalk has switched 1.1m customers onto its budget pay-TV service, adding 185,000 in the most recent quarter.


Prime minister gave News Corp boss full rundown of scheme before he announced policy to party room


Colin Brazier has apologised for his "serious error of judgment" in rifling through a child's suitcase during a live Sky News broadcast from the MH17 disaster area in Ukraine.


Gannett, the parent of Newsquest, saw its second-quarter profits rise 84% alongside a 12% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year.

Published: Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Continuity candidate omitted from shortlist for BBC Trust job The leading internal candidate to replace Lord Patten as BBC Trust chair, Diane Coyle, has not made the government's interview shortlist for the job.


MediaCity leads to Salford becoming the UK's property hotspot Property values in the Greater Manchester city of Salford have risen faster than in any other town in Britain since the start of 2014, it was claimed on Tuesday, as the area continues to benefit...


Sure, the streaming revolution has come. But that doesn't mean there's no upside to the postie handing you a movie


Sheikh down! How Mazher Mahmood, the king of the sting, was caught out Mazher Mahmood is a clever, canny and creative reporter who generates his own stories.


Teenagers who share 'sexts' could face prosecution, police warn A police force has warned schoolchildren who share so-called "sexts" with friends over the internet that they could face prosecution in the criminal courts.


MH17: Sky News reporter apologises for handling luggage at crash site The Sky News presenter roundly criticised for picking up items out of a suitcase at the MH17 crash site has apologised for his serious error of judgment, as the number of complaints topped 200.


Mazher Mahmood could face perjury probe after Tulisa Contostavlos trial Police and prosecutors are discussing whether any legal action could follow the collapse of the trial of singer Tulisa Contostavlos, which was abandoned after the judge ruled that the Sun on...


Al-Jazeera Gaza offices evacuated after direct hit by Israeli fire Israel's army has denied targeting the Gaza offices of al-Jazeera TV after the network's correspondents reported that the building had come under fire on Tuesday.


Greg Dyke rules out any England bid for a future World Cup Greg Dyke has ruled out England bidding for a future World Cup and suggested that if Fifa is serious about wanting to reform it should think about electing a new president next year.


Rhys Ifans and Michael Barrymore settle phone-hacking claims Actor Rhys Ifans and entertainer Michael Barrymore have settled their phone hacking damages claims.


The New Yorker website redesign: a first look Magazine unveils long-awaited online revamp, offering three months' free access to its archives before paywall launches


George Clooney clearly enjoyed his recent assault on the Daily Mail.


George Clooney on his Daily Mail assault: it's fun to slap those bad guys George Clooney clearly enjoyed his recent assault on the Daily Mail.


Survival expert and Bad Neighbours star go shirtless in trailer for new Running Wild series


The collapse of the Tulisa Contostavlos trial gets big coverage in national newspapers today, including the Sun, which gives it a page lead and very properly reports that its journalist, Mazher...


Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Sky News reporter on his MH17 error and Tulisa trial collapses If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get our email every morning,...


MH17: my error of judgment, by Sky News reporter Journalists spend most of their working days in familiar environments. For me, that mainly means the Sky News studio in London, following a well-worn routine: interviews, breaking news, discussions.

Published: Monday, 21 July 2014

Tulisa Contostavlos trial collapses as judge criticises Sun's Mazher Mahmood A drugs trial involving the singer Tulisa Contostavlos has collapsed dramatically after a judge ruled that it was likely the Sun's veteran investigative reporter Mazher Mahmood had attempted to...


Mazher Mahmood has finally tripped up after years of notorious stings | Roy Greenslade Mazher Mahmood was bound to trip up at some time. But it has taken far longer than I would have anticipated after a string of controversial, contentious stories over the past 15 years.


Mazher Mahmood: the 'fake sheikh' whose investigations divided opinion Mazher Mahmood was 21 when he bought his first "fake sheikh" outfit for £12 from an Islamic bookshop in Birmingham.


The latest round of job cuts at New York's Daily News was greeted with tears from staff, reports Joe Pompeo for Capital NewYork.


Evan Davis to replace Jeremy Paxman as Newsnight's lead presenter Evan Davis will switch from BBC Radio 4's Today to present Newsnight, succeeding Jeremy Paxman as the face of the BBC2 current affairs show.


News UK have suspended Mazher Mahmood while it investigates the reason behind the collapse of the case against one of his victims, Tulisa Contostavlos.


It has taken a very long time for Mazher Mahmood to suffer a genuine legal reverse for his controversial undercover journalistic activities.


Miranda Hart, David Walliams and Jo Sargent launch production company Miranda Hart, David Walliams and Absolutely Fabulous producer Jo Sargent have launched an independent production company backed by the commercial arm of the BBC.


BBC Worldwide chief receives £231,000 bonus despite fall in profits The BBC Worldwide chief executive was paid a bonus of more than £230,000 last year, despite a drop in profits partly resulting from the loss of Lonely Planet income.