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Published: Monday, 22 December 2014

Talkback radio giants Fairfax Radio Network and John Singleton’s Macquarie Radio Network will combine to form one company majority owned by Fairfax

Published: Sunday, 21 December 2014

Newspaper (and MailOnline) attacked for running a story about a murdered man’s wife


Director calls for more cash to fight propaganda saying BBC is being outgunned by Kremlin-backed news channel Continue reading...


Labour politician, war hero, editor and master of the incisive television interview Continue reading...


Ambitious Radio 4 adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s comic apocalypse novel airs over Christmas week Continue reading...


One in five NUJ members at Irish group claim they been bullied at work


A polite inquiry to a president and a prime minister from a female political editor


The shrunken version of News Corp turns out to be in a £3.5m operating-loss hole that is a little too deep for comfort Continue reading...


From its frozen funds, the BBC is paying for the World Service since the Foreign Office pulled out.


Stolen gossip about Angelina Joli and George Clooney got the hackers the publicity they desired.


The BBC and Wimbledon have gone together like strawberries and cream for nearly 80 years, but tennis went the way of cricket, football and rugby long ago Continue reading...

Published: Friday, 19 December 2014

Regulator says its initial assessment is that limiting the distribution of Sky’s content could harm competition in the market Continue reading...


She’s the exact opposite of everyone else – meet the new chief of the communications regulator Continue reading...


US newspaper plans to move 100 staff into refurbished UK headquarters


But a testimonial from Kelvin MacKenzie may not go down well in Scotland


But the PRP is also seeking a regulator willing to abide by the royal charter provisions


The journalist who exposed the Bruce Grobbelaar football bungs scandal has been brought to trial over an alleged backhander for an article he didn’t even write, a court has been told.


Signs in Sony Pictures’ London HQ reminding workers to avoid company-issued email and mobiles show disruption caused by Guardians of Peace Continue reading...


Further light is shed on the reason Express Newspapers’ meeting with NUJ was called off


The role the Sun’s former editor Dominic Mohan may have played in authorising alleged backhanders to public officials for stories has been questioned at a criminal trial in Kingston Crown Court.


Mike Gilson appointed to his fifth daily newspaper editorship


Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan’s face-off edged off the top of Thursday night’s top-rated shows by A Night of Heroes and Masterchef Continue reading...


BBC Radio Scotland has announced a new schedule that puts politics and current affairs at its core, as a direct result of the listener participation during the independence referendum campaign that...


The process to appoint the next editor-in-chief of the Guardian and Observer will include a vote by journalists on the papers and


This week’s roundup also includes some epic Christmas carolling, a farewell for Stephen Colbert and a Star Wars fan’s light show musical tribute


Media regulator Ofcom has said Sky should continue to be forced to make its sports channels available to other platforms but said it was “less clear” that the same obligation should be extended...


Actor and director, who had emails exposed by the hack on Sony, said media ‘abdicated its real duty’ when reporting the attacks, and that ‘we have allowed North Korea to dictate content, and...


PR can be fascinating and rewarding but a lack of diversity means it’s hard work being a minority in this industry • More from PR peep show Continue reading...


‘Nubby little cabbages’ made an appearance last month, as the latest example of elegant – or inelegant – linguistic variation


Where was the crime-ridden hell-hole? Who was the portly dictator? And which was the lying paper? Test your knowledge • The latest addition to the Pov lexicon • What on earth is a Pov?


Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Vice News executive says BBC's current affairs output is institutionalised and Sunday Mirror journalist given suspended jail sentence Continue...


Terrifying sci-fi chiller Alien is an unlikely inspiration for a festive family TV treat.

Published: Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lord Sugar’s sidekick Nick Hewer is to leave BBC1 hit series The Apprentice after a decade.


A comparison to the appeasement of Hitler and cries of ‘an un-American act’ are tempered by fears of threats to cinemagoers and the holiday bottom line


Express Newspapers’ boss attended a Conservative Friends of Israel meeting instead


Former director general says Foreign Office should have been taken out of the equation when BBC took over funding Continue reading...


A senior Vice News executive has branded BBC current affairs output “beige” and called on BBC1 flagship Panorama to be more “fearless” and “in your face”.


Corporation’s latest tranche of expenses reveal Danny Cohen and Charlotte Moore claimed more than £2,500 for stay at Sunset Marquis during LA Screenings week Continue reading...


Channel 4 hit Gogglebox is to lose one of its families after the father revealed his intention to stand for Ukip in the general election.


Former international TV news agency editor on the dilemma facing broadcasters


James Harding, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, has denied that flagship documentary programme Panorama would be hived off into a separate production unit.


Trends suggest next year content marketing will find its feet


Brenda Leyland was found dead after she featured in Sky News report about abuse of Madeleine McCann’s parents Continue reading...


The former BBC director general John Birt has criticised the corporation’s current affairs output, which includes Panorama, saying it is not doing enough to address “awesomely difficult...


A journalist who blew the whistle on the alleged hacking of celebrities’ phones at the Sunday Mirror has been spared jail for his own “short and intense” involvement in the crime.


Theresa May has announced plans to put a 28-day time limit on the use of police bail, following concerns that people are being left in legal limbo as proceedings drag on for months or years.


Digital privacy and data collection are now mainstream concerns, and changes may emerge in the advertising industry as a result


The sector might be maturing, but content marketers are still misusing their clients’ budgets


Surely the movie company realised its ‘comedy’ would provoke a backlash


Swift victory for the Justice Delayed Justice Denied campaign