A brand new transmitter-mast on the "Ross Revenge".

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Hello everyone. There is now built a brand new transmitter-mast on the "Ross Revenge". Read this text on http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html

With thanks to Radio Structures Ltd the Base Grillage for the new radio mast is now installed on the Ross Revenge. Click on the "Ross-Cam" link to see our photo diary or visit http://www.radiostructures.com and click on "News" to follow our progress. Radio Structures Ltd are manufacturers of Masts, Antennas and Accessories for over 30 years and we're all very pleased to be working with them. The mast is completed and we are all looking forward to the final mast install which is scheduled to be completed shortly.

Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Netherlands.

These pictures on the Ross cam part of the Radio Caroline website have not been updated for many months. This is not new news and the antenna mast is far from completed.

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...read now also
in Dutch. Nico.

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