Scott Mills and Chris Moyles and Greg James

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Things are always changing at BBC Radio One. That's what makes it interesting and 'new'. It's what it has to do in order to be in the thick of all that's 'new'.

And, thankfully, unlike commercial music radio, it is still personality led. Over the years since Tony Blackburn first welcomed us to the station, Radio One has been the base, the 'home page', the fall-back, the radio station I come back to. I don't listen to it solidly, although I have done more so in recent times as the commercial radio sector refuses to provide less and less of an alternative to 'radio' and more an alternative to 'iPod'.

I like the current Radio One sound. The music is about right, with the accent on 'new', and the programming is presented by people rather than disembodied voices. I do have a few niggles...

I also heard chris filling in for Greg on Radio one on monday and tuesday this week , and i agree , he was very good. All this after he he had already done his own breakfast show only three hours earlier. I also think the current primetime (daytime) presenters on Radio 1 are the best they have had for many years. I can't stand Sarah Cox - who still stands in sometimes to cover for holidays - she has a really annoying voice and accent. Mark and Lard had it's moments but again , i found the accents a bit annoying. When the night time presenters sometimes stand in for the daytime ones , i find that a big turn off - none of them are nearly as good as Chris, Fern , greg and Scott IMO. When they do the swap round usually after new year , for a week of having the nightime presenters on during the day , i find that a major turn off - they are just so dull and the music is so obscure as to be too abstract for me - i doubt i am the only one. So to sum up - i think Rdaio 1 is the currently the best it's been for a number of years but it won't be able to keep up the standard for much longer i don;t think. If only there was another station that was similar to Radio 1 but with a touch of Radio 2 as well - maybe new music with perhaps an older song that fitted in in style to the modern ones , but was not the usual predictable over played stuff the current commercial station spew out all the time. there must be a commercial company out there willing to fill this big gap in the market - surely ?