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The felling of the Richborough towers now paves the way for for what I have called 'Cameron Cay's'. It's true 'Boris Island' is merely a ruse. Last year Mr Cameron announced to the Houses of Parliament that; and I quote..'I can categorically tell the House that no airport is to be built either in the Thames Estuary or anywhere off the NORTH Kent coast'. Thats because it is to be built off the EAST Kent of my hometown of Deal.

I have given my local (sic) media every chance of airing these proposals to the local populace in East Kent;.. but NONE have seen fit to do so, leaving me to suspect that it is 'D' noticed. Not many people realise that the Channel Tunnel Act of 1985 was an Anglo-French legal agreement to build two cross-channel links, not just the one tunnel we have. At a meeting of Thanet District Council, Dover District Council and Eurotunnel in March 2003 it was concluded that '..the second Channel Tunnel will be as far from Ramsgate as the existing tunnel is from Dover'. Locally that refers to the old colliery site of Betteshanger, just outside Deal. Basically the Deal and Sandwich area are to be turned into the shopping malls of the Worlds biggest 'Intermodal Transport Hub'; a place where road will meet rail, will meet sea transport and all will link to the airport. At the back end of last year the German Government spent millions of Euro's removing from the North Sand Head of the Goodwins an old wartime Dornier (wooden-framed) reconnaissance aircraft. They had loads of salvage kit as you would expect; floating cranes pontoons, tugs etc. Some of us seasoned observers noted that some of the 3 or 4 'workboats' regularly circumnavigated the sandbank many times during their week long (or so) stay; surveying with sonar 'tow-fish' : obviously looking for some sunken Kriegsmarine wooden jolly boat....or were they ? Democracy must surely be rooted in freedom and transparency.
Some of us here in East Kent are seeing the demonising of many potential sites for Britains much needed airport capacity expansion; Hoo, Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, 'Boris Island' etc. and somehow feel that when it is our turn we will be made to feel as if we are un-patriotic because of our (futile) opposition; so many places then being relieved that it's not going to be in their backyard. Herein though is the perfect time for some sort of memorial, like that on Tel-Aviv seafront to the VoP, but to Radio Caroline: in the North Eastern corner of the South 'Cameron Cay': 'Offshore radio in European waters ended here November 1991'. The worlds weary travellers in the departure lounge of terminal 2 of the Goodwin Sands Airport I'm sure won't give a fig... Thanks Chris I appreciate the freedom of AN.
Best Regards to all,
('they' know where to get me...)
Jim, Deal, Kent.