Re: What a missed opportunity

There has been much talk over the past few months about BBC local radio stations dropping most of their medium wave frequencies. I scan read all the PDF documents - i had them emailed to me because i took part in the survey - and could not find any mention of this. One sentence near the bottom of one of the documents mentions changes to medium wave , then says , see above , but there is nothing about it in the pages above. Indeed , most of the documents just waffle on about trivial aspects and are of no interest to anyone. Switching off most of the medium wave services , for those stations that have them , would save a fortune , probably more than enough for the programming to carry on exactly the same as it is now , and mobody woild miss it. The only stations that still need limited medium wave services are those in parts of Wales and Scotland where FM suffers many shadows in coverage by the hills and mountains. It's interesting that by the BBC's own admission in the report , the stations main target audience is the over 50's. The format would only require relatively minor tweeking to make it appeal to a wider audience - say , over 30's. Just add a few recent hits to the playlist and include a few discussions on working age peoples issues along with the heated discussions about cutbacks to day centres and meals on wheels.