Re: What a missed opportunity

Eric Tesug <(Address removed)> said:

The revised proposals for BBC Local Radio consisted of the following
•On weekday evenings (7pm–10pm) all stations will come together for a new
all-England programme, with opt-outs for live sport and local news (as
currently provided)

Excellent. The beginnings of a 'Radio England'. With a little luck there'll be some people somewhere in the country bothering to listen (in complete contrast to the highly expensive to produce shite currently broadcast between these times on the various stations that nobody listens to).

But what is the point of leaving the stations on in local mode to broadcast 'whatever' between 10pm and 1am? Surely 5Live should be broadcast from 10pm to 6am. Oh well, maybe next year they'll deal with this expensive waste of resources. (Locally in Merseyside we get some old duffers on the air talking about places they used to catch trolleybuses from back in the 1950s, and using milk coupons. Day after day, week after week, the same 'memories' on high rotation, with nobody listening!)

As I originally said, my original plan for pointless BBC local radio would be to be broadcasting 5Live from 7pm to 7am with the exception of local opt outs for sports commentary when relevant. I don't think the BBC Trust has gone far enough in stopping the wasting of our money.