Re: One Direction ban on Capital Radio

On 22 April 2012 15:32, Simon Crees <(Address removed)> wrote:
Since the one and only One direction hit , to date , will likely have
already been taken off the Heart /Capital playlist by now , it's
unlikely it will make any difference anyway.
Now I'm not particularly a One Direction fan, but (1) theyve had more than one hit and (2) most ILRs are still playing both their hits as current or recurrent.
Also , the majority of Heart/Capital listeners have absolutely no idea
what they are listening to anyway - why else would any sane person want
to listen to the same 200 or so songs , so they will be blissfully
unaware of the action.
How childish of the management to object so much to just the mentioning
of another station's name on air in that way - they are clearly complete
control freaks.
Just publicity seeking, I'm sure that by doing what they did they were after publicity - even bad publicity is better than none..
I have heard name drops for Capital radio and Smooth radio on radio 1
several times - even by the presenters , and i have not heard of anyone
being disciplined, publically at least.

That's the laid back BBC for you!
Geoff RogersSimon Crees. Sent on Thursday, 26 April 2012 at 12:03.