Re: London digital TV switchover underway

That last clip got deleted quickly for some reason - maybe because the PPL police objected to the background music ? Anyway , there's plenty more available now like this The switch off of ITV1 was pretty uneventfull , but was at least timed exactly with the end of a programme like this Channel 4 was a bit diffent as it went to a test card for some reason for a few minutes just before final switchoff like this So , there's justa small pocket of north and east Kent , another small pocket up in the north east of England , and last but not least , Northern Ireland in the autumn , then trusted old analogue TV is consigned to broadcasting history in the UK. I personally think the process took far too long - 4 years. It should have either all been done the same time - probably a logistical impossibility from an engineering point of view , or at least within the same year. This would have been easier for the non tech savvy general public to understand as well imo.