Re: With the closure of Analogue TV......

Terry Williams <(Address removed)> said:

Tony Currie Currie <(Address removed)> said:

I don't understand this "empty band" reference. UHF Bands IV and V are
still filled up - only with digital rather than analogue services.

Sorry Tony, I am mistaken then, I thought the Digital frequency for TV was completely different from the analogue service - in the same way that that DAB is a different frequency to analogue radio.
So what you are saying is that the existing frequency for analogue BBC (for example) will be retained, but just that the "new" signal will be broadcast in digital ?
Have I understood you correctly?


Yes.  Prior to Digital switchover (DSO) the digital channnels were interleaved with the analogue ones (thus BBC-1 analogue might have been on channel 41 with Digital Mux 1 on 42).  Post-DSO the digital channels occupy the group of channels previously used for analogue - with a handful of exceptions.