Re: Video for new U.S. documentary

Wayne Hepler <(Address removed)> said:

If you care to help with rights-free video (or audio) to

go into the video, I thank you. I'm especially after "highlights" (or
lowlights) such as news footage of the Radio City Calvert murder, the
bomb fire attributed to Veronica, the Dutch raid on Caroline, or the
many ship groundings--but if you have what you consider good footage
you'd share, I'm very appreciative. I'm Wayne Hepler and I'll be in the
Netherlands March 16-22, then London March 23-26: (Address removed).
Thank you so much.

Hi Wayne: welcome to Anorak Nation. We are few in number these days but I'm sure any that can help with your request will do so. I assume Hans Knot has pointed you in the direction of Youtube: a while ago one of the Dutch officials involved in the raid on the Ross Revenge in August 1989 posted video of the raid. Also,your side, stateside, Al Weiner and Scott Becker's Radio New York International (m.v. Sarah) in 1986 filmed the 'Fed's' offshore excursion to silence them,(and later Radio Caroline, as it turned out...). They are running WBCQ The Planet,at Monticello, Maine now, and were talking with the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling/environmental group about a possible (future) project last year. Also maybe worthy of note in your documentary might be Radio Brod that operated from the Aegean Sea, broadcasting into the fracturing Czech Republic, sponsored largely by the UNHCR, in 1994-5. Best regards,