China Central Television goes live with three new internet delivered channels on FreeviewHD

Vision IPTV today announced the launch of the first dedicated Chinese language channels to use the company’s internet broadcast playout services, delivering ground breaking entertainment via FreeviewHD channel 111.

Through this service, China Central Television (CCTV), the largest TV network in China, is able to use the FreeviewHD electronic programme guide (EPG) to deliver compelling new channels to the Chinese speaking audience in the UK. Viewers visiting FreeviewHD Channel 111 with an internet connected television or set top box have access via an onscreen carousel to three, free to view channels of live 24/7 broadcast. CCTV Channel 9 broadcasts a mixture of programming including film and drama; CCTV Channel 4 provides a range of documentaries; while a third channel provides the latest news coverage from China and worldwide.

Mr Zhu Tong, deputy editor in chief, CCTV said, “This is an exciting day for us, by delivering the very best and latest compelling television from China to our UK audience we hope to make them feel closer to home, even when they live on the other side of the world.”

John Mills, CEO of Vision IPTV, said: “CCTV has embraced the opportunity that internet television delivered over Freeview HD represents; to deliver high quality, world class broadcasting to the Chinese expat audience in the UK, and all for free.”
Vision IPTV’s online video platform supports the latest FreeviewHD enabled television sets and set top boxes on the market, including forthcoming YouView set top boxes, ensuring broadcasters such as CCTV can deliver compelling new TV services to wider audiences in the UK. Legacy devices or FreeviewHD devices not connected to the internet will receive a call to action message displayed on screen advising users on what is required to view these new internet delivered channels.

Find China Central Television on the FreeviewHD EPG (electronic programme guide) Channel 111. CCTV will grow its offering on channel 111 with an expanding mix of compelling new TV channels, premium content and interactive services for Chinese speakers across the UK.

China Central Television (CCTV) is the national TV station of the People´s Republic of China and it is one of China´s most important news broadcast companies. Today, CCTV has become one of China´s most influential media outlets. /