Re: Physical CD discs to go by end of 2012 ?

Eric Tesug <(Address removed)> said:

I have most of my tracks on two backup drives, 2TB each.

For party people we have two identical 'laptops', made by, er, made by, er. Nope I'm trying to say the word, but it's not coming out. Anyway, they aren't Linux or Windows, but that other one. Nope, can't say that word in public.

Each is associated with a lovely Rane 68 and Serato Scratch Live. The best system ever! Just can't imagine a world of DJing without Serato.

When able to, both 'laptops' sync to the cloud and consequently to each other. We never have to even think about it or do anything. Steal all our hardware, we don't care! (That's the sign above our door.) (Only kidding.)

Prefer to keep my music on the ground :-)

Ours is in the air and everywhere. Mind you, I suspect that infringes some copyright somewhere, but since most of it was stolen in the first place, it's probably best not to worry about that aspect too much.

Over on G+, the lovely Steve Conway was mentioning that there are some organisations still backing-up data onto 'data tapes'. It takes all sorts to make a world!