Re: Android gaining on iPad

Simon Crees <(Address removed)> said:

As a footnote to this article , i have read elsewhere recently that the
rise in popularity of Android OS on phones especially has got it noticed
by the Virus and hack writing community. It is therefore now sensible to
at least be cautious about which apps' you install and, at best ,
consider having some sort of basic intivirus app installed. I use one
simply called 'Antivirus free' available on the Android market which
simply scans anything new that you install to ensure it is safe - it
only scans new stuff, so does not consume system recources and slow down
you phone and does nothing during normal use.

It's also a good idea to resist downloading Apps from non-Market sources, and keeping the third-party Market places access disallowed.

I find a bit of seriously reading the reviews and looking to see what else has come out of an App stable is a good idea as well. It's sort of like checking things out before parting with money on eBay.

Christopher EnglandSimon Crees. Sent on Monday, 24 October 2011 at 15:10.