SKYWAVE now on We7.

SKYWAVE first mentioned on here in 2009 is now available to listen 100% free with no limits in the UK and Ireland on We7:!playlistId=2046127

There are currently 1000 tracks on the playlist - this is currently the limit - I am hoping to be able to add more and have raised this issue with We7. The We7 playlist gives a taste of what the full internet station would sound like.

The original Spotify playlist is still available to subscribers here (though hasn't been updated since the service was effectively closed to free users in April):

I hope to launch it as a proper internet station in the future when 4G mobile broadband allows listening on the move and in car.

A second playlist SKYWAVE 2 featuring the very best new music will be launched on We7 shortly.

For more info see

SKYWAVE | Love More Music.