Internet explorer 9 Beta

Anybody else on here tried the new release of Internet explorer 9 - beta ? I tried it last weekend but was not that impressed. It's interface is very similar to Chrome which i also did not like that much.I found the layout to be quite awkward to use with things not being in a logical place. There is a download manager but i have never really found then especially useful but if you download a file it does not tell you the download speed - only percentage progress. If you have used Chrome before you would probably be fine with it. The only things i like about it was that it is easy to set up the font size and zoom for everything and the fact that it runs a little quicker that IE8, although my connection is pretty slow so the difference is not really significant. On experience so far it looks like when IE8 becomes obsolete i might have to try Firefox again - i used it for quite a while with XP but went to IE7 when that was released.

Simon Crees. Sent on Thursday, 23 September 2010 at 09:27.