Re: Google instant search engine

Simon Crees <(Address removed)> said:

Because thats the only way you can do it in Internet explorer and since
that has always been the case since IE had a search box i just do it
automatically. It's just logical to me to have the two seperate in just
the same way as the addressee is on the top line of a postal adress and
the postcode is at the bottom - putting it all on the same line would
seem confusing.

I think since IE7, you've been able to put search words into the url box anyway, and they left the search box as a separate to sort of retro-fit it and stop people being frightened.

With Chrome, after a few weeks it has completely learned the regular places you go so you never need to type in a url, just start and it's there alongside the suggestions for if you're not looking for a site but searching for a keyword ('Googling').

I'm so used to this that I find it quite strange to have different boxes for what, in Google's (and, I suppose, my own) eyes, are essentially the same thing - either 'searching' for a site or 'searching' for a keyword. I'm not saying it's 'best' or 'better', but I personally am so 'trained' by it that I find it faster. It's a bit like the fact that every computer I have operates on 'single clicks' for things like, say, the icons on a desktop. I don't get why people want to use two clicks (Hey, why don't they make it ten clicks!) to start something. Links on the net are a single click, so why not everything a single click? Likewise, why not combine the url search and word search into one?