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In "Radio from Yesteryear" on Radio Popular, Luuk Meuwese turns his attention this week to the history of the pirate Radio Caroline in 1974. Includes:
* Radio Seagull is replaced by Radio Caroline
* the link up between Hilversum 3 and Radio Caroline (Farley Mowat on Hilversum 3: "You are overpowering Hilversum 3 consistently daytime, what are you trying to do: kill us?")
* the move of the Mi Amigo back to the English coast and
* Radio Mi Amigo commecials are.


Radio Popular features Historical

and Offshore radio Hours:

Historic Offshore radio hours
Broadcast daily 0000-0100 and 0800-0900 CET (one hour ahead of UK time):-

Sat 05/01/2010: Laser Hot Hits, Brandy Lee, 04/20/1987, 1911-1912 hours

So 02/05/2010: Radio Caroline, 21/10/1983, Carl Kingston, 14-15 hours

Mon 03/05/2010: Veronica, 04/29/1974, No. 82 ABTT, 19-20 hours Lex Harding (pz)

Tue 04/05/2010: Laser Hot Hits, 04.05.1987, DL Bogart, 17-18 hours (pz)

Wed 05/05/2010: Radio Mi Amigo 272, 17.7.1979, Wim de Groot, 17-18 hours

Thu 05/06/2010: Radio Atlantis, 08/13/1974, Steve England, Snap Crackle and Bop 5-6 hours

Fri 07/05/2010: Radio Delmare, 06.16.1979, Ronald van der Vlugt, 14-15 hours

Sat 05/08/2010: Radio Atlanta, 5/13/1964, Bob Scott, 18-19 hours

So 05/09/2010: 30/03/1985 Radio Caroline, Simon Barrett, 12, 13 o'clock

The Free Radio Hour is broadcast Thursday, May 6, 2010, 2000-2100 CET and Saturday, May 8, 2010, 1800 to 1900 hours:-
This week featuring Atlantis Rotterdam, Peter Labij, 0700-0800 hours

"Radio from Yesteryear" is broadcast on Thursday, May 6, 2010, 2100-2300 hours and Friday, May 7, 2010, 1600-1800 hours:-
From February 23, 1974 Radio Seagull is replaced by Radio Caroline and DJ Mike Haggler comes on board. On February 27, 1974, there is a link up between Caroline and Hilversum 3. Farley Mowat (H3) asks Peter Chicago and Brian Anderson "you are so loud, you are consistently overpowering Hilversum 3 daytimes, what are you trying to do: kill us?" There follows a discussion between Farley Mowat on Hilversum 3 and Peter Chicago on Radio Caroline.
On August 29 at 15:50 hours, the MV Mi Amigo leaves her anchorage off the Dutch coast and the following day at 15:47 anchors off the English coast. On August 31, 1974, the Dutch Government ratifies the Strasbourg Convention on Offshore radio.Mi Amigo continues, just like Caroline. The DJ team consists of Andy Caroline Archer, Micky Mercer, Graham Gill, Mike Haggler, Norman Barrington, Brian Anderson, Tony Allan, Johnny Jason and John Meyer. Sylvain Tack moves Mi Amigo studios to Playa de Aro. The commercials are reworded in order to circumvent the legislation. Artists of the week: Status Quo.

All times quoted are CET which is an hour ahead of UK time
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