Re: Isle of Man, 279, Long Wave, and some interesting facts

Galaxy 266 <(Address removed)> said:

The other alternative is to give us the passwords, and then WE can see their
ramblings, and decide if they make any sense....
We might be able to do a bit of stalking of our own........I love a bit of
intrigue and cloak and dagger!

Damn! The password I had has been changed. Would you believe it, I have been locked out of the inner council chambers just at a time when things were getting interesting and the gold braided red hoods had been donned and straws were being pulled to see who should be given the task of trying to smear me into silence this time. Oh well. Sigh. Freedom of Information Act it'll have to be then, since we are all entitled to know what data exists about us by law. But that's so boring.

I was going to complain about them to the Anoraknaphobia website, but since they've never gotten back to me over my previous claim for compensation for what was said about me on the Anorak Nation blog, I fear that's just going to be a dead end. I was very sad about that. I thought it would be like winning the lottery, which we Liverpudlians from Liverpool are fairly good at, y'know.

So close, but no cigar.

Anyway. All this just because I was going to mention about the re-allocation of the Long Wave licence, and they don't want me to.