Re: Our technology milestones

*From:* Christopher England <(Address removed)>
*To:* Anorak Nation <(Address removed)>
*Date:* 28 Oct 2009 16:41:08 +0000

Steve Conway <(Address removed)> said:

Chris England gave me a rabbit (the phone, not the sex toy) in
1992, but
my first proper mobile was an Orange/Nokia in 1993.

I loved the Rabbits. They were brilliant. If I recall correctly,
they'd happily work to a base station around the home a bit like
modern day dect phones (although they were a bit quiet), and also
work in the street as long as you could see a Rabbit sign.
Effectively, they weren't cell phones but shops and train stations
would have large base stations you could stand there and use for
outgoing calls only. Try to walk away and you'd lose your call. I
can't recall how you paid for the outgoing calls from the Rabbit
signs. I think you got a bill sent to your home, but it was
massively cheaper than mobiles and more convenient than phone boxes.

If ever there was a Rabbit Golden Anorak it had to be you. Mind you, you did a good selling job. Years after Rabbit was killed off, I picked up a system with knacked batteries and after getting some new ones they worked really well. In fact they worked for one hell of a distance if memory serves.