Re: Our technology milestones

Just for fun, how about answering the following about yourself:

First time you used a computer.

Around about 1968 --- I think --- I was at school. We had to write our programs in the classroom, and then periodically we were taken by 'bus to Smethwick Technical College to type in our programs on a teleprinter and run then using paper tape on the college computer.


First time you owned a computer.

My first home computer was a Tatung Einstein --- I saw one on display recently in the Birmingham Science Museum. They were made in Telford.


Your first mobile phone.

A Nokia analogue --- about double the volume of a large glassses case!


First time you used SMS/Text.

Late adopter on this one. I have rarely used SMS. Prefer to talk.


First web-enabled phone.

Late adopter. Use Blackberry for email.


First digital camera.

Toshiba about 5 years ago --- not very impressed --- unacceptably high battery consumption --- very dark images.


First DAB radio.

Years ago used a USB Psion plug in module --- can't remember what it was called.