Re: Mobby fone

*From:* Christopher England <(Address removed)>
*To:* Anorak Nation <(Address removed)>
*Date:* 20 Oct 2009 14:53:04 +0100

Ronnie Rodent - The Mouse Mouse About Your House
<(Address removed)> said:

I don't have a mobile phone,

Would you like one?

Your not being a fatherly role model LOL.

Been a tad busy so just been reading. But to answer the questions posed by C.E..

Naked going out without:
1. SatNav
2. iPhone - cos I listen to radio from around the world with that and it hooks up to the radio in the car for my own faves( BTW they didn't fit an AM aerial so can't even think about hearing anything other than FM or IP in the car).
2. My trusty old Sony cos it has my office number in that.


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