Re: Cyber bullying about radio

Paul Kendall said:

Given Sterling's legal caveats, you'd have to be darn sure of the accuracy of your info, and I suspect would have to have a good reason for disclosing the info you claim to have.


You are completely correct, I'm sure others and myself have much documented evidence of past/outstanding cases, but as was suggested with Anoraks not knowing all the facts, to commence legal action very strict firm evidence is required. That is why there has to be access for legal purposes of anyone who uses bullying tactics and carries out libel tactics, thinking they have complete anonymity for life, hiding behind many aliases or different ISP addresses.

Of course we all want freedom but it must not be used as a cover to allow anyone that same freedom to abuse others as either a bully or by libel. These people must be brought to the courts, whatever and however long it takes.


Jay BSPaul Kendall. Sent on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 at 07:13.