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Any recommendations? Anything I need to look out for? All help

Alan, couldn't you just get a mobile 'phone, with a built-in sat nav ?
It wouldn't be quite as convenient, perhaps, but it would get you
where you want to go, and you'd still have it, as a usable piece of
kit, after your trip.

Funnily enough, on yesterday's "Click" programme there was a feature called "Layar" which was touted as a future useful add-on for GPS phones, relying on a compass built-into the phone - that looked interesting but not for right now. The current need is for something that will aid navigation in the car, hence the need for bog standard sat nav. I'll have guide books/maps I can use when I'm on foot. But I welcome all ideas as it's a new topic for me, so I could quite easily have missed the obvious!;-)



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