Wind-up time!

Aha. It's August. I wondered why the wind-ups had started.

No direct rumour about a new ship just yet (there's normally 5 or 6 ships in August ready to switch on for the 14th), but I see that David Parr has started to tease anoraks again by re-activating his, and of course all with a completely empty screen and get his mate from the secret forums (the one I can read without them realising, heh heh) to publicise it around on some of the anorak boards.

Oh what a tease.

How long before the rumours start that something really is on the horizon? Why do these people love winding-up anoraks year after year? I'm sure there'll be some that fall for it yet again. Shame.

The only way that anything sustainable will ever get on from the Isle of Man is if it a national Islamic service. With Ramadan upon us, maybe that's exactly what we can expect to hear from these old fellas who don't want the whole Long Wave 279 thing to die in the public eye.

So ... maybe I'm wrong, and transmitters are about to come on for Eid.

I think we should be told!