Re: Caroline 1st

Galaxy 266 <(Address removed)> said:

The First offshore station to break the BBC Monopoly

Only if by offshore you mean "in the water". Otherwise, Luxembourg came long before. (remember "We are the Ovalteenies" ?)

The First offshore station to introduce radio jingles (sort of)

Off the British shore, perhaps.

The First offshore station to have DJ's rather than announcers


Alan Milewczyk <(Address removed)> said:

OK, it may be fashionable to take the piss out of LA, but is it such a bad life ethic? The world might be a better place if more adopted that philosophy.

Considering the immense listenership it had, look at what has been happening in the world since, and until the present. What would you say its effect has been ? Not so much a philosophy, more a (hash) pipe dream.

Peter G. Millington-WallaceGalaxy 266. Sent on Saturday, 21 February 2009 at 14:34.