Re: Hit40uk dumps CD sales

Christopher England <(Address removed)> said:

Eric Tesug <(Address removed)> said:

Did I get it wrong then - I thought the Beeb were already doing that?

The 'Official Chart' lot (as used by the BBC) count both downloads and
physical product sales, and combine them together to make the official
chart (personally, I ignore the other charts as, apart from the top 10,
they are based on airplay. In other words - they are made up and don't
actually reflect what people are buying!).

That's what i assumed was being done by the bbc with the singles chart or as they prefer to call it ''the official chart'' with the downloads being listed seperately. Although i was talking about what you might think of as the personality of vinyl singles in my previous post , i am the first to embrace new technology and have my entire music collection in MP3 format on my laptop computer which is connected to my amp and speakers at home for ultimate accessability and space saving.I even put my cd player up in the loft about two years ago as it was taking up space and i found i never played cd's. Theres always the dvd/cd drive on the laptop if i did want to play a cd for any reason. I can definately relate to having to carry around heavy boxes of vinyl records for mobile discos when i was much younger - it must be bliss now for a mobile dj to turn up with a laptop , amp ,speakers and light boxes and your ready to go. I think cd singles would have lasted longer as a format if they were not such poor value for money compared to an album by the same artist. I don't know why they stopped doing those very small cd singles that fitted in a recess in the drive tray and contained just the one track a few years ago - i guess they were just too fiddly. The current ones with usually three or four mixes of the same track at around three to four pounds in price make albums seem excellent value for money in comparison.