With the help of this forum, Big L are looking from members and listeners to vote for the most fave 12 chrissy tunes, making up the 12 days of Christmas. With the added fun of some lucky person winning a classic chrissy DVD! From Bing to Bowie, fave Christmas tunes from the classic’s from the 40’s 50’s to present day tunes for the chrissy season During the 12 days around Christmas, Big L will be playing those great chrissy tunes.

The plan is I am asking everyone on this forum and other radio forums to let me know their fave three ‘chrissy tracks’ you can do that two ways. Either leave your choice here with a connect addy. Or email me it at: (Address removed) The idea is from all the chrissy tunes received to create the 12 days of Christmas as the carol sings off, will update you all later next week, when it will be broadcasted etc. But for the mo, please let me know your three faves. To add some fun when the chrissy chart is aired, it is hope one lucky person will be picked out of the hat, box, maybe even Rays Beatle wig! And win a ‘classic chrissy DVD film’ (I have a spare copy of a real gem)

As I said later next week I have more details, but I am hoping the 12 chrissy tunes a be aired just before Christmas on the Big L! . Emailed Roger at HQ and told him of the idea, and he welcomes it

Please support our fave station, the best Big L