Re: 50+ dads and pop music in the 1960s

Quoting a previous Alan Milewczyk contribution:-

Of course, I vowed when I got older I wouldn't say the same things, but
when punk first hit, I just didn't get it - I still don't - and found
myself repeating my father's words!

Heh heh. You poor thing!

I think part of the problem is that we don't really understand the
younger generation and they don't understand us - nothing much changes -
and ignorance breeds fear.

True. But, it is kind of sad that there is that anger or aggression. As the more mature generation, surely we should be the bridge builders and maybe try to 'accept' if we can't 'understand'. Or maybe it has to be the way it is in order for humanity to move forward..

* Christopher England just said that *