Radiofax 20th Anniversary, listen to the 1st to 4th of April 1988 test transmissions

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It is the 20th anniversary of the launch of Radiofax, the ground breaking Short-Wave radio station. Listen again to the first four test transmission broadcasts from the 1st to 4th of April (Easter weekend) 1988. It's interesting to see how some things have changed a lot in 20 years, but some things haven't.
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Radiofax Easter 1988 Test Transmissions. 1st April 1988 Programme

Presented by Trevor Brook and Maggie Stevenson
* Colin Walters from Piccadilly Radio writing in the Guardian. 'Cinderellas of the Air' (some ILR moaning about the BBC, no changes there then.)
* The early history of FM in the USA and a look at the manufacturers of the time (80s).
* ITV licences to be awarded by competitive tender
* The (pre-mobile phone) craze for radio transceiver 'walkie-talkies' in Singapore
* Music from The Eurythmics
* Carlton and Virgin to bid for a national radio franchise
* Audio News from Roger Tate: Exciting news on new releases of Hi-Fi separates! Ariston unveil new Integrated Amplifier! New Revox brochure! Laskys are to support Digital Audio Tape!
* Survey of the Milky Way
* Recording Teletext Subtitles on VCRs (Nufax)
* Tony Currie from the Cable Authority: Elegant Solutions or Space Spaghetti. End to the 4-channel duopoly on TV and radio (pro-cable article). * From the IBA: ITV Transmitter re-engineering to update the network
* Music Royalties controversy - Monopolies and Mergers Commission to investigate (Needletime) - again nothing really new here!
* 'Oil Companies pump rivals', 60-70% of petrol came from competitors oil refineries
British Telecom's fight to join the cable TV ranks. BT's proposal to install optical fibre throughout the UK. Of course BT were barred from offering entertainment services for many years and the optical network never happened. Instead we got the cable TV companies, (make that one company now...)
* How technology is influencing radio programmes. 'Music concrete' / BBC Radiophonics workshop, interview with Kenny Everett on making sound effects and jingles, from Radio 4. Also, 'Breakdown' a documentary made by Peter Simmons from Capital Radio on mental illness made using radiophonics. (They don't make 'em like that any more)
* Concern from the Treasury over a sharp increase in DTI's Advertising budget (A good wind-up there Trevor!)
* DTI's review of the year for the Radiocommunications Division, including VHF spectrum for Community and Special Event Radio.
* Music from Huey Lewis
* Brian West AIRC, more about breaking the PPL monopoly (at the time the limit was 9 hours needletime per day)
* CD Erasure (magneto-optical discs) from Thomson
* Ad for Surrey Electronics' AM Synchronous Detector Circuit Board
* Monopolies Enquiry into TV Unions' restricted practices
* DAT vs the Copycode Filter in the USA
* Music from Dire Straits
* Cellular Phone Profits and Price War
* First Digital Mobile Phone (Libra ADPCM, not GSM)
* IBA 'Attitudes to Broadcasting' Survey
* UK backs Eureka HDTV
* 1966 article on Local Radio Association lobbying for local radio. Minister: Tony Benn
* Music from Kraftwerk
Length: 2h03m, Originally Broadcast: 1st April 1988

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