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I have said this a million times before (and you are right CE - and EW), radio has got to go back to (talk) entertainment. Good quality jocks who know their business. Yesterday (Sunday) I traveled to London and back - 06.30 to 08.30 Radio 5Live was OK (they have better presenters) 08.30 to 09.00  Magic  London with  Gary Vincent sitting in for Paul Phear (both good jocks) but on Magic they don't talk. 09.00 to 10.00 back to 5Live for the Sport  (excellent presented prog)  then in meetings all day. On the way back from London (16.30) with Magic - Lisa Goddard who actually broke the rules and spoke a bit more - up the M40 till Oxford then Jack FM non stop music, then Heart FM Birmingham non stop music with a jock every 20 minutes.

As you say Chris, I might as well listened to my iPod plugged into my system - on Jack FM my wife liked only one track and me, cos I'm older, liked two.

Please, I want good quality jocks who know their business driving a prog to keep me motoring and awake with entertainment. BigL - when I can pick it up - and my wife is not in the car (cos she can't stand AM) is the only music station that entertains me today. But I suppose computers are cheaper.

One day the penny will drop with Gcap and others, but as they are busy closing stations rather than getting them right, it will be a while.


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Quoting a previous Jay BS contribution:-

And still some will claim DAB is The Way!

DAB is a good complement to the true way which is multi-path multi-platform and very much mobile 'internet' based. Having said that, I can't see 'radio' playing a significant part in anybody's lives for much longer. The music stations are trying to compete with iPods which will always deliver music a lot better and under the consumers control than radio can, and talking radio seems to have to employ television personalities in order to get anybody to listen. Radio offers nothing attractive that it itself invented.

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