Re: The new Radio Caroline

Neil Gates <(Address removed)> said:

I am infact planning a 24 hour hit music station from the boat aimed at
the 500,000 and rapidly increasing Polish immigrant population in the

As for the English station onboard It will be called Caroline only if
the owner of Caroline(ronan) wishes it to be there if he does he can
have use of the ship and it's second medium wave transmitter at No cost
to him. If not it will be called something else.

I must admit to being a bit confused here Neil ( A common occurrence these days),

In a previous post (I cant remember if it was here or elsewhere) You said the the second AM tx on the ship would be used for a religious broadcaster because that is where the money is,

Now you are saying it will be aimed at the Poles, You seem to keep changing your mind and dont really have a definite plan which doesn't bode well for any potential investors.


Richard SharpeNeil Gates. Sent on Tuesday, 27 November 2007 at 08:18.