British DTI involvement regarding Offshore Stations

If the the British Authorities weren't interested in British Offshore Radio in 1989 when the raid happened, why were they present at the raid, as referees?. If they weren't interested in Offshore Radio (Caroline and Laser) why Euroseige in 1985, and why did the Landward visit the Ross Revenge in 1990? Maybe to take pictures for Anorak UK, or Offshore Echoes? If the British Authorities weren't interested why did they moor their ship next the Volans? The average Radio Caroline or Offshore Radio listener doesn't have a clue about the legislation regarding our beloved stations, we can only make our opinions from what was said by the DJs on those ships when the authorities were nearby. I wish that Caroline could have continued after the amendments to the Radio Act of 1990, just to test this draconian law. Alas, whether it was lack of interest by Mr Moore or Mr O Rahilly, lack of backers, lack of enthusiasm by certain people, Radio Caroline went off the air in Nov 1990. Did it go off the air becuase of the legislation coming into force in 1991, or did it go off because the people who "ran" it from land, lost interest in the real radio caroline and wanted to market a landbased copy? I am all ears, so are the millions of listeners who lost a real "free" radio station in 1990.