Re: Radio Caroline Audience figures

Steve Martin <(Address removed)> said:

From: "Anthony Cant" <(Address removed)>
To: "Anorak Nation" <(Address removed)>


Are there any audience figure for Caroline?

I would say that they have more listeners now than they have ever had
since 1967…

Just to analyse what you said. So you reckon Caroline has more listeners
now, when there is a choice of hundreds of FM/AM stations, over a hundred on
Sky Digital alone, plus the thousands of internet stations, compared to say
pre March 1968, when the choice was erm Radio 1, Radio 2, Luxy (at night) or
Caroline North or South.
Are you being serious?

It has no real audience at all! The whole thing is a joke!....a sad imitation of a legend. It would be a good thing if they just switched it off instead of continuing to turn Caroline into the total self indulgent joke that it has become.