Re: Caroline 819 programmes from 1989

RF Burns <(Address removed)> said:

Andy Burnham <(Address removed)> said:
I have found a photo of Max Buchanon in the 819 Studio (not the 558
studio as it says in the photo) from where these Caroline 819 shows
originated. The rather nice soundproofing on the walls had been
installed by the Dutch guys over the summer.

Actually I think he was in the 558 studio, it was taken after the raid, when Caroline 558 returned they used the old dutch studio area for some reason.

Perhaps it was the nice sound proofing or maybe just less damage to repair.

over the past few weeks I have been downloading and listening to several shows both from Caroline 558 and 819, I had forgotten just how good the station actually sounded.

BTW has anyone got any recordings made during the october hurricane in 1987, I have airchecks but would like to hear the whole show again, you could actually hear the wind howling everytime the mic was opened.


Can't help with audio but if you haven't read Steve Conway's account here it is (attachment)