Re: 675 - was Ross Tilbury

Ian Bull said:

I found Virgin. Havn't listened for a few years. Wow! Was it boring.
In fact, boring isn't quite the right word. The presenter must feel
absolutely stifled playing that stuff. I ended up listening to Radio
4 - 'nuff said.

I made exactly the same switch although Virgin Radio reception in N Norfolk is way poorer than Arrow (or rather Radio Rolling Stones). I couldn't take Virgin for much more than about 20 minutes- prob cos of the innumerable ads, trailers and dull music- I didn't hear Hocus Pocus by Focus once- this is unnacceptable.

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in the Arrow boardroom when they came up with the Radio Mick idea. It probably went like this...

''Hey Jan- how do we get folks to retune to FM quickly?''
''How about playing U2 non- stop for 3 weeks Cornelius?'',
''listen Jan, we've been doing that for years, no, we want something else'' ''OK then, how about non-stop Snow Patrol''
''Jan, we want to make them re-tune, not kill them''
''I know- Rolling Stones! Non-stop, for what will seem like an eternity. That way, everyone will retune to FM quickly''

''Jan, you are cruel ..but a genuis- we'll do that and the UK listeners will then be forced to listen to something even worse like Virgin. For 20 minutes anyway, until they can take no more and they'll come and live here in the wonderful Netherlands and listen to us on FM.

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