Re: 5mill DAB sets

On 16 Jun 2007 12:04:49 +0100, Christopher England <(Address removed)> wrote:

Equally though, I'm not
appearing to use my iPod (well, Zen, as the iPod is over-priced crap)
either, so that must be driven more by my lack of desire to listen to
mp3s, than my relationship with the devices concerned.

Not wanting to be branded an 'apple anorak' thought I'd make the point here that the current IPOD is not over priced 'crap' in my view. Provided you get the thing from dealers prepared to offer a discount (eg etc) you can get a device for about the cost of an equivalent Zen box. And the menu wheel is very untuitive and easy to use. I don't actually have one (I have a small Zen) but covet my
son's 30GB IPod immensely!

And, although I'm Big Brother free (honest), I did watch a bit of the
live streaming via my mobile the other day just to see how good the
quality was. But, that was more an anorak thing. Honest. It will be
interesting to see if commuters are watching Big Brother on their
phones, or if those that are, just try it out as a novelty.

I think the 4OD thing is much better. You can download and watch at work on your lunch break or on laptop on train. Works well, but I really do dislike DRM.... though it does work ok in this case.

In principle to me, though, it makes more sense to have a single
'device' doing everything, rather than having to carry around a dozen
different devices each with only one application.

Battery power is an issue. My Nokia phone plays mp3s quite happily
and has a nifty FM radio, but it does eat battery power. How about mini fuel cells to power portable devices ??