Re: First pictures of the new CFA

Christopher England <(Address removed)> said:

Quoting a previous Gash McGash contribution:-


No no no no no. You're mistaking it for CFA Extra Cold Draught, which
this is clearly not an example of. The pictured CFA does not need to be
kept at such cold temperatures and a soft sea breeze should be
sufficient to keep it stable.

Well, I bow to your superior technical knowledge on this matter. But,
with it not being the CFA-ECD, won't it be less strong by the time it
gets to us?

* Christopher England just said that *




Nope. The temperature doesn't affect the strength at all. It may appear to give the effect of being stronger, but that's all psychological, trust me. This CFA (draught) should merely provide a warmer sound than the ECD.

Gash McGashChristopher England. Sent on Sunday, 4 February 2007 at 17:16.