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Eagle Radio

Ofcom has today published a consultation on a request received from Eagle Radio Ltd to change the Format of its service Eagle Extra.

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Shock at discovering a Windows user

Ha Ha. Just met somebody so backward they still use Windows 8. I thought only third world countries still used Microsoft operating systems. Ha ha ha.

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25 journalists attacked in Yemen by Houthi rebels

Reporters suffer beatings and kidnappings while covering protests

Daily Star Sunday editor Peter Carbery expected to depart

Daily Star editor Dawn Neeson believed to be taking charge of Sunday edition from next week as Express Newspapers moves closer to integrated newsroom

BBC's controversial Cliff Richard coverage shortlisted for RTS prize

Sky News, CNN and BBC News nominated for channel of the year, with ITN-produced shows in frame for best news programme prize

Game of Thrones season 5 trailer shown in Imax cinemas in US

Game of Thrones season 5 trailer shown in Imax cinemas in US Much-anticipated two-minute teaser leaks online after show becomes first TV series to be screened in Imax format

Fortitude starts strongly on Sky Atlantic

Game of Thrones is channel’s only programme to attract similar numbers as more than 700,000 tune into series launch

Republic to Prince Charles: disclose your financial interests

Campaign group demands transparency over prince’s lobbying activities

Ofcom deputy chair to halt anti-Labour tweets after being called Tory 'stooge'

Conservative peer Lady Noakes says she will no longer make ‘public comments of a political nature’ after Harriet Harman complained that her tweets showed clear bias

Angry Birds set sights on Candy Crush with new mobile puzzle games

Rovio soft-launches Angry Birds Stella Pop and Angry Birds Fight, with both ditching bird-flinging gameplay for match-three puzzling

BBC and the local press - it's time for a proper, factual inquiry

James Harding’s report has upset publishers, but where does the truth lie?

Jay Z to take on Apple and Spotify by buying streaming music services

Star tables bid for Scandinavian firm Aspiro, which hopes a new owner will lift its WiMP and Tidal services ‘to a new level’

Five of the best Super Bowl ads – and what you can learn from them

Five of the best Super Bowl ads – and what you can learn from them With Super Bowl Sunday nearly upon us, we look at some of the greatest adverts and outline what makes them so successful • Changing Media Summit 2015 programme On 1 February in Glendale, Arizona,...

PR blog ghostwriting: it’s time to give up this tired practice

PR blog ghostwriting: it’s time to give up this tired practice “I know, let’s write a blog!” It always seems like a good idea. The client likes it because it massages their ego and allows them to dream of accolades.

Today's media stories from the papers

Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including police warning over terrorist siege coverage and Downton Abbey's future in doubt If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get our email...

Sports marketing success lies in predicting the unpredictable

Sports marketing success lies in predicting the unpredictable The 49th Super Bowl touches down this week, along with a host of social media campaigns, but how can your brand avoid foul play?

Afghanistan claims to have arrested journalist's murderer

Spy agency announces detention of man suspected of killing Nils Horner

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Re: Ever heard of these London pirates?

Many thanks Graham. Found a letter from them which added some more info. They were also on VHF for a bit. Didn't know they continued so long. I guess so.

Re: Ever heard of these London pirates?

Radio Alison (1982) _ NO Aquarius FM (South East London, 1989)- NO Radio Argus (1988) - Continued for many, many years to SE Londonon various AM frequencies Back Street Radio ("punk station", 1977).

Ever heard of these London pirates?

Anybody know anything about these smaller unlicensed stations operating in London in the seventies or eighties?

Forthcoming London pirates book and exhibition

Since relaunching the website I've had good interest from people in putting together a book on the eighties FM pirate boom in London so now I'm doing just that.

Kenny Everett and Chris Morris compilations

Put these together years ago but never got round to bunging them on the web before so in case anyone's interested...

Trash Can Radio

Hey, guess what...there's a new kid on the block. Trash Can Radio is due to launch soon on DAB on the Sutton/​Surrey Multiplex. And guess who is at the helm!

Re: Eagle Radio

Regarding how many people will listen to AM radio - I think it depends where you are. In the area where I am , the south east of England , the answer is pretty close to nobody.

Re: Eagle Radio

Well, that's a bit like the 'potential' that Worldspace had. However, nobody bothered with it, and that's now the way of AM, hence why the panic to get general entertainment stations off of it.

Re: Eagle Radio

say, ten years ago. DAB listening outstrips AM hundred fold these days< I guess the point Alex was trying to make is the 'potential' for AM would far outweigh the DAB platform.

Re: Eagle Radio

That doesn't seem to be the case in these modern times, compared to, say, ten years ago.