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Eagle Radio

Ofcom has today published a consultation on a request received from Eagle Radio Ltd to change the Format of its service Eagle Extra.

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Shock at discovering a Windows user

Ha Ha. Just met somebody so backward they still use Windows 8. I thought only third world countries still used Microsoft operating systems. Ha ha ha.

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Can Trevor Noah fill Jon Stewart's big shoes for 'Indecision 2016'?

The South African’s appointment is welcome – but as an outsider, can he cover the 2016 presidential campaign as convincingly as Jon Stewart would have done?

Sky News launches election site Biffed

Sky News launches election site Biffed Channel says microsite will ‘take a wry and satirical look’ at the latest news from the campaign

ITV reveals positions of participants in seven-way party leaders’ debate

David Cameron’s name comes last in drawing of lots that results in Ukip leader Nigel Farage taking spot between Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg

Mary Clarke obituary

Mary Clarke obituary Though many girls harbour ambitions of becoming dancers, Mary Clarke, who has died aged 91, always knew that she was “born audience”. However, she did not just observe, but reported what she saw.

Stephen Fry quits Instagram: 'Hounded off. Goodbye'

Move by comic and actor, who has 92,000 followers on the picture-sharing site, follows his break from Twitter last November

Meerkat and Periscope: will live-streaming apps transform news?

Twitter app and its rival have only just launched, but news organisations are already experimenting with their potential

'Can’t we just show a load of movie trailers to chickens and rabbits?'

Want to know what small fluffy animals think of the latest movies? Now, thanks to the genius of cinema marketing, you can

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams to guest in Doctor Who

British-born actor, who plays Arya Stark in the HBO television series, to appear in BBC sci-fi show later this year

Comedian Trevor Noah to succeed Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show

The 31-year-old South African comedian will fill Stewart’s shoes on Comedy Central’s satirical news program later this year, the New York Times reported

Google hits back at News Corp – with a GIF of a laughing baby

Google hits back at News Corp – with a GIF of a laughing baby Tech company claims there were ‘inaccuracies’ in coverage by Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal and responds to claims of undue political influence

Kay Burley will not face Ofcom inquiry after Islamophobia accusation

Sky News presenter repeatedly asked Cerie Bullivant of human rights advocacy group Cage how he felt about Isis beheadings, leading to 57 complaints

National newspapers still hold the general election chips

Agenda-setting press casts its bets in a series of opening leading articles

BBC’s broadcast of murder victim’s 999 call in breach of rules

Media regulator says recording of Lucy Lee’s phone call moments she before she was shot dead should not have been played on two BBC1 daytime news shows

Benefits Street's White Dee: we’ve lost everything

Deirdre Kelly claims Channel 4 show that Birmingham’s James Turner Street was previously a ‘massive happy family’ and it has now become a tourist attraction

Lauren Laverne launches online platform aimed at women

Lauren Laverne launches online platform aimed at women BBC 6 Music presenter teams up with former Cosmopolitan editor Sam Baker to create The Pool, featuring content from a wide range of well-known journalists

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Now testing one of our new streams :-)

Hi All Now testing one of our new streams :-)

Re: Ever heard of these London pirates?

Many thanks Graham. Found a letter from them which added some more info. They were also on VHF for a bit. Didn't know they continued so long. I guess so.

Re: Ever heard of these London pirates?

Radio Alison (1982) _ NO Aquarius FM (South East London, 1989)- NO Radio Argus (1988) - Continued for many, many years to SE Londonon various AM frequencies Back Street Radio ("punk station", 1977).

Ever heard of these London pirates?

Anybody know anything about these smaller unlicensed stations operating in London in the seventies or eighties?

Forthcoming London pirates book and exhibition

Since relaunching the website I've had good interest from people in putting together a book on the eighties FM pirate boom in London so now I'm doing just that.

Kenny Everett and Chris Morris compilations

Put these together years ago but never got round to bunging them on the web before so in case anyone's interested...

Trash Can Radio

Hey, guess what...there's a new kid on the block. Trash Can Radio is due to launch soon on DAB on the Sutton/​Surrey Multiplex. And guess who is at the helm!

Re: Eagle Radio

Regarding how many people will listen to AM radio - I think it depends where you are. In the area where I am , the south east of England , the answer is pretty close to nobody.

Re: Eagle Radio

Well, that's a bit like the 'potential' that Worldspace had. However, nobody bothered with it, and that's now the way of AM, hence why the panic to get general entertainment stations off of it.

Re: Eagle Radio

say, ten years ago. DAB listening outstrips AM hundred fold these days< I guess the point Alex was trying to make is the 'potential' for AM would far outweigh the DAB platform.