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Eagle Radio

Ofcom has today published a consultation on a request received from Eagle Radio Ltd to change the Format of its service Eagle Extra.

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Shock at discovering a Windows user

Ha Ha. Just met somebody so backward they still use Windows 8. I thought only third world countries still used Microsoft operating systems. Ha ha ha.

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Angelina Jolie brings some glitter to BBC’s religious TV this Christmas

Actor to appear on Good Morning Christmas in her role as UN special envoy as Donny Osmond will be guest on Fern Britton Meets … Continue reading...

Vloggers must clearly tell fans when they’re getting paid by advertisers, ASA rules

Video bloggers are breaking the law if they fail to tell their legions of fans they are being paid to promote products, according to a landmark ruling from the UK advertising watchdog.

Jury still out as local TV celebrates its first anniversary

After launches in 12 towns and cities, visibility, quality and revenue remain problematic, contends Roy Greenslade

UK recording industry seeks review of law allowing fans to copy music

The UK music industry is seeking a judicial review of new legislation allowing music fans to make copies of legally-purchased music, arguing that musicians must be compensated as a result of lost...

Ex-counter-terror chief: criticism of Facebook over Rigby murder is unfair

Richard Barrett says it is impractical for social media firms to monitor millions of messages a day for terrorist intent Continue reading...

Did Scotland Yard break the law by examining News UK phone data?

Journalists’ call records sent ‘in error’ to police by Vodafone

Today's media stories from the papers

Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including Mail Online revenues grow 41% and footballers back London start-up If you are viewing this on the web and would like to get our email every morning...

30 best iPhone and iPad apps this week

Toca Nature, Sleep Better, Vainglory, World of Warriors, Molecules by Theodore Gray, snowbuddy and more

Insulted and caricatured: who declared open season on the critics?

If only Oscar contenders like Birdman and Top Five were a bit more All About Eve when it comes to kicking journalists

Mail Online revenues grow 40% to £62m in 2014

Mail Online has grew revenues by more than 40% to £62m in 2014, almost completely offsetting the advertising and sales decline at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Health Lottery advert banned for encouraging irresponsible gambling

An advert for Richard Desmond’s Health Lottery has been banned after the watchdog found it encouraged irresponsible and potentially harmful gambling.

YouTubers ad for Oreo banned for not making clear purpose of videos

A campaign for Oreo featuring a host of British YouTube stars has been banned by the advertising watchdog for not clearly telling the public their videos were ads, following a complaint from a BBC...

ABC board member Matt Peacock in 'redundancy pool'

Matt Peacock, ABC staff-elected director faces redundancy after management placed him in pool of candidates to assess on ‘skills matrix’

Police launch inquiry into Tory peer Lord Hanningfield’s allowance claims

Former council leader ordered to repay £3,300 for claiming allowance for days on which he did no parliamentary work Continue reading...

Morrisons rapped by ASA over wine promotion

Supermarket chain Morrisons has been reprimanded by the UK’s advertising watchdog for “misleading” newspaper adverts and website offers for wine, after consumers were left disappointed when...

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Trash Can Radio

Hey, guess what...there's a new kid on the block. Trash Can Radio is due to launch soon on DAB on the Sutton/​Surrey Multiplex. And guess who is at the helm!

Re: Eagle Radio

Regarding how many people will listen to AM radio - I think it depends where you are. In the area where I am , the south east of England , the answer is pretty close to nobody.

Re: Eagle Radio

Well, that's a bit like the 'potential' that Worldspace had. However, nobody bothered with it, and that's now the way of AM, hence why the panic to get general entertainment stations off of it.

Re: Eagle Radio

say, ten years ago. DAB listening outstrips AM hundred fold these days< I guess the point Alex was trying to make is the 'potential' for AM would far outweigh the DAB platform.

Re: Eagle Radio

That doesn't seem to be the case in these modern times, compared to, say, ten years ago.

Re: Eagle Radio

Sent from my ZX Spectrum

Re: Eagle Radio

Hi Tim et all So we'll walk into an ad agency, one with a local AM license and one with a DAB local ticket? Who's the winner?

Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes

Ofcom today invited licence applications for community radio licences in the East of England, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

Re: Radionecks

Radionecks is back under new management and can now be found via: We hope to get you all back on board and see you there.

Heritage weekend in Felixstowe

Hello everyone. On and then click on the yellow banner "Felixstowe Event " you can read about the heritage weekend in Felixstowe. Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Netherlands.