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Eagle Radio

Ofcom has today published a consultation on a request received from Eagle Radio Ltd to change the Format of its service Eagle Extra.

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The "Ross Revenge" is now towed away from Tilbury!

Hello everyone. The "Ross Revenge" is now towed away from Tilbury! See photo's on and on and see of course also Greetings of Nico from Gouda,...

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London's Pirate Pioneers

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Eric Abetz attacks ABC reporter Sophie McNeill over Middle East reporting

Mark Scott has strongly defended the Walkley award-winning correspondent, saying she is doing a ‘strong job’ and deserves to be judged on her work ABC correspondent Sophie McNeill was strongly defended by managing director Mark Scott on Monday night after coming under attack at a parliamentary committee for her reporting from the Middle East.

London selfies glummer, less tilted and more bespectacled, study finds

Analysis of publicly shared images for exhibition at Somerset House compares happiness of London selfies with those of other world cities Londoners take more glum-faced selfies than residents of other world cities, according to a data project. Analysis of images uploaded publicly on to Instagram in September found that the London style of selfie-taking was one of a restrained upright pose.

BBC1 primetime to feature fewer repeats over Christmas

Corporation will feature new shows for 90% of programming on main channel, says acting director of television Mark Lindey, despite need to make £1.6bn savings There will be fewer repeats this Christmas during BBC1 primetime, despite the corporation having to make £1.6bn savings.

MediaGuardian 100: power elite of 2001 – where are they now?

Looking back at the first rundown in 2001 finds familiar faces who are still wielding influence – as well as some spectacular departures from the industry How many of the original list of media power players have survived? For all the major changes in the industry since July 2001, 11 of the original squad are in the 2015 list – and, fascinatingly, most of them are doing the same job or something very similar.

BBC World Service research: Five key digital findings - from

The study aims to help the BBC and other news organisations improve their reach to younger online audiences worldwide...

Five key research findings about young online audiences from BBC World Service - from

The study aims to help the BBC and other news organisations improve their reach to younger online audiences worldwide...

ITV and Channel 4 News teams go Ron Burgundy over Allegra Stratton ‘leak’

Newsnight political editor’s switch from BBC leads to Anchorman-style war of words between broadcasters

ITV News appoints Allegra Stratton as national editor

Newsnight political editor leaves BBC after four years to take newly created role, as UK editor Rohit Kachroo becomes security editor ITV News has confirmed the appointment of BBC Newsnight’s Allegra Stratton in the role of national editor.

Chris Moyles and Asmir Begovic to take on fans in Star Wars Battlefront Twitch livestream - from The Drum

The force is strong with Radio X DJ Chris Moyles and Chelsea FC goalkeeper Asmir Begovic who have been put through 'Jedi Training' as part of a campaign for the Star Wars Battlefront videogame livestream. The pair were shown playing the game at las......

Andy Murray serves up 5 million viewers for Davis Cup win

BBC1 coverage of tennis finals draws average of 3 million on Sunday as Great Britain claims trophy for first time since 1936 Andy Murray’s Davis Cup win was watched by a peak audience of 5 million on Sunday as viewers as Great Britain claimed the trophy for the first time in 79 years. Murray’s win over Belgium number one David Goffin is almost certainly the most-watched Davis Cup matches of all time in the UK, as Great Britain claimed victory for the first time since 1936.

Privately educated executives still dominate the media

Guardian study of educational background of 100 most influential people in media industry shows 54% of Britons on the list went to private schools • Mark Zuckerberg returns to top of MediaGuardian 100 • Your interactive guide to the MediaGuardian 100

Jeremy Clarkson drones on as Amazon ad aims to get sales flying

Retailer seems determined to get its money’s worth out of the former Top Gear host as he fronts YouTube campaign showing how it may deliver in the future

Jeremy Clarkson and co nursing (self-inflicted) wounds after O2 live show

Ex-Top Gear presenters experiencing problems getting to ‘first big shoot’, with James May blaming his arm being in a sling on ‘the drink’ As Monday hangovers go, it looks like the former Top Gear team of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are experiencing a particularly acute case following the final show in their live tour at the O2 on Sunday night.

MPs call for junk food ad ban during shows such as The X Factor

House of Commons committee publishes report into child obesity also recommending ban on ads on social media, cinemas, ‘advergames’ and posters A committee of MPs has called for junk food ads to be banned from running in popular shows such as The X Factor as part of a tightening of UK ad rules to tackle the growing issue of childhood obesity.

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London's Pirate Pioneers - a new book on the British radio

As a member of Anorak Nation we thought you might be interested in a new book about the history of London's unlicensed radio stations. It's already had 9 five star reviews at

648 and 747

Stumbled upon unusual MW activity this weekend. Yesterday Caroline North (via Manx Radio MW) being relayed at good strength on 648.

Offshore Weekend 14 August 2015 start More details on the above link

News about the "Ross Revenge".

Hello everyone. On you can read news about the "Ross Revenge". Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Netherlands.

Radio Caroline Flashback stream launched today

Hallo everyone. On you can now read this: (but you have first to sign in on ). Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Netherlands.

Don Allen Tribute

Tonight on All times CET (-1 UK time) 6.00 - Golden Oldies Show 7.00 - Stars of 45 Synth with Mark Bradley 9.00 – Solid Gold Radio with Steve Marshall 10.00 Don Allen Tribute hosted by...

Now testing one of our new streams :-)

Hi All Now testing one of our new streams :-)

Re: Ever heard of these London pirates?

Many thanks Graham. Found a letter from them which added some more info. They were also on VHF for a bit. Didn't know they continued so long. I guess so.

Re: Ever heard of these London pirates?

Radio Alison (1982) _ NO Aquarius FM (South East London, 1989)- NO Radio Argus (1988) - Continued for many, many years to SE Londonon various AM frequencies Back Street Radio ("punk station", 1977).