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Eagle Radio

Ofcom has today published a consultation on a request received from Eagle Radio Ltd to change the Format of its service Eagle Extra.

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Shock at discovering a Windows user

Ha Ha. Just met somebody so backward they still use Windows 8. I thought only third world countries still used Microsoft operating systems. Ha ha ha.

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So, a box drops into a box, but it’s not a box because a box drops into it. Erm…

So, a box drops into a box, but it’s not a box because a box drops into it. Erm… When is a box not a box? So, a box drops into a box, but it's not a box because a box drops into it. Erm...

At about 04:40 this morning a man popped the lock on our front door and entered our home. As fortune...

At about 04:40 this morning a man popped the lock on our front door and entered our home.

Big Brother most complained about show of the year, watchdog reports

Ofcom top 10 includes complaints of contestants’ bullying, and Gary Busey’s behaviour in celebrity version of Channel 5 show Continue reading...

What would a BT acquisition of EE mean for the UK telecoms industry?

As talks over a £12.5bn deal continue, the scene is set for the start of a UK telecoms shake-up

Ireland's Gemma O'Doherty wins apology and damages from Independent Newspapers

Investigative reporter who sued for unfair dismissal says she is ‘fully vindicated’

Paul Dacre earnings up by nearly 25% to £2.4m in 2014

Annual report reveals more details of Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Mail Online editor-in-chief’s new remuneration arrangements

Mobile trends for 2015

From startups taking on giants to mobilising revenue-generating processes, our panel predicts the talking points for next year

Digital content trends for 2015

From better targeted content to joined-up comms channels, our expert panel predicts the big talking points for next year

Mark Wright’s Apprentice win strikes right chord with more than 6m viewers

Mark Wright’s win in The Apprentice helped Lord Sugar’s BBC1 show to its biggest audience for a final in three years with more than 6 million viewers on Sunday night.

Strictly Come Dancing finishes on top with 10m viewers

BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing final averaged more than 10 million viewers on Saturday night for Caroline Flack’s victory, putting the seal on another year of ratings dominance over ITV rival The...

LBC signs up Shelagh Fogarty to present weekday afternoon news show

Former BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Shelagh Fogarty is to join rival talk station LBC.

Five things great brands will do differently on social media in 2015

Social media marketing is coming of age, but we need a common sense shake up for the medium to truly deliver for brands next year • Brands on social media in 2014 Continue reading...

10 creative brand campaigns that have changed the way we live

In the past decade, brands have had huge influence on our lives, few more so than those below. What’s given them the edge? • Changing Media Summit 2015 programme Continue reading...

Today's media stories from the papers

Today's media stories from the papers Our roundup of the day's media stories, including World Service fears losing information war as Russia Today ramps up pressure Continue reading...

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Kenny Everett and Chris Morris compilations

Put these together years ago but never got round to bunging them on the web before so in case anyone's interested...

Trash Can Radio

Hey, guess what...there's a new kid on the block. Trash Can Radio is due to launch soon on DAB on the Sutton/​Surrey Multiplex. And guess who is at the helm!

Re: Eagle Radio

Regarding how many people will listen to AM radio - I think it depends where you are. In the area where I am , the south east of England , the answer is pretty close to nobody.

Re: Eagle Radio

Well, that's a bit like the 'potential' that Worldspace had. However, nobody bothered with it, and that's now the way of AM, hence why the panic to get general entertainment stations off of it.

Re: Eagle Radio

say, ten years ago. DAB listening outstrips AM hundred fold these days< I guess the point Alex was trying to make is the 'potential' for AM would far outweigh the DAB platform.

Re: Eagle Radio

That doesn't seem to be the case in these modern times, compared to, say, ten years ago.

Re: Eagle Radio

Sent from my ZX Spectrum

Re: Eagle Radio

Hi Tim et all So we'll walk into an ad agency, one with a local AM license and one with a DAB local ticket? Who's the winner?

Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes

Ofcom today invited licence applications for community radio licences in the East of England, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

Re: Radionecks

Radionecks is back under new management and can now be found via: We hope to get you all back on board and see you there.